Advice from Mister Rogers when tragedy strikes.

Even though I grew up most of my life down in Brazil, whenever I did spend time in the US, one of my favorite shows to watch growing up was Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Mister Rogers had a gentle way of teaching you life lessons and how to get through the tough times in life. It’s amazing how a simple thing as puppetry could easily fascinate a young mind and be an easy and age appropriate way to teach values and character traits. Years later when I was in High School, I joined in a puppet team of college students who went to visit tiny towns along the Amazon river. Those memories of playing a character behind the curtain to the thrill and screams of children on the other side was unforgettable. I personally think it was easy to make the children laugh because I still was a child (granted I was maybe 16 years old-same age as my son today) so I still had the kid in me so I was goofy with my puppet. Of course, towards the end my arm hurt and ached, but I still kept going. I’m talking technicality of puppetry, but it brings it back to why as a young child I was fascinated by Mr. Roger’s kingdom with the likes of King Friday, Lady Elaine and Fairchilde. Sure, they were little puppets with really weird faces, but I was mesmerized by the story they told and how they got through their little drama. As I look at my son who is 16 years old, he’s still my baby. His mind is still learning about how the world works, why people do the things they do and how to react to it. Children are so impressionable. The world we live in now is very different from when I was 16 years old. As a 16 year old, drinking out of a water hose was the norm (unheard of today), writing notes and giving it to someone was our version of text messaging. I feel as though as he’s grown up in the 2000’s, I’ve had to explain in terms he can understand the battle between good and evil. The balance he needs to get through it and how he can be of encouragement to his friends. Tragic things happen and we often wonder why it happened. There is so much suffering, sadness in this world and if one allows it, it can destroy one’s view of the good in the world. Yes, tragic things happen, but somewhere in there, there is good. And there is hope. Which is why it’s good to look back at my own childhood figure like Mister Rogers who gave some good advice of how to deal with tragedy.

10 thoughts on “Advice from Mister Rogers when tragedy strikes.

    1. Hi aFrankAngle! Sorry I’m just getting back to you. I’ve been away from WordPress, but I’m back now. Just trying to see what the best routine/time to get on here. Great hearing from you again!!!!!! How have you been???????

      1. Wow … Hi Amanda!!! Now here’s a reply I didn’t expect … one of a comment made almost 11 months ago. A very pleasant surprise. Thanks for thinking of me. I see you have returned to posting, so instead of asking questions, I’m off to read your return post. But first – I’ll answer your question.

        Obviously I’m still blogging – commonly 3 times a week. You will enjoy my Beach Walk series – usually posted on Sunday evenings (US time), but sometimes Tuesday evenings. Life wise, both my wife and I are now retired, and we stay busy!

  1. I think Mr. Rogers is one of the all time most comforting and gracious personas to ever grace television. He really did have the world’s best interest at heart, and that was apparent in all his articulations and offerings, within his own programming and from outside interviews and whatnot like this great one you’ve shared.

    1. Hi Russel! I foremost need to apologize in responding many months later. I was hardly on WordPress, but now I’m trying my best to be on here more. So please forgive me! How have you been? Yes, Mister Rogers was a very kind person. The world now has gotten so crass and rude. No one really takes the time to get to know each other and truly listen to their problems or issues. Mister Rogers made it feel like you were the most important person to him during the show.

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