Amanda takes 2 Japanese Personality Tests!

Hello guys!

I’m sure most of you have heard of personality tests and I for one think they are interesting. I came across these 2 Japanese personality tests and decided to take them. Give it a go and see what your answers reveal about you! I’ll post my answers below so you can know a little more about me. You must first watch the video to understand my answers.

Video credit: Will Valenzuela

Here are my answers:

Who are you walking with?

-My son.

What kind of animal do you see in the woods?

-A fox. That trembling fox in that car commercial comes to mind. Lol.

What kind of interaction happened between you and the animal?

-The fox and I have a staring contest. In my head I know I’m not going to move, I’m just waiting to see how long it would be until the fox eventually moves away.

Describe the size of your dream house.

-Hm. The house is average size.

Is your dream house surrounded by a fence?

-I got stuck with this answer. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a fence or not. If it was deep in the woods, it would just be creepy and I don’t want a creepy house in the deep woods. If it’s not in the woods, then no I would not want a fence around the house.

Describe what you see on or around the dining room table.

-I see lots of seats around the table, maybe six place settings. I see lots of food and flowers. The table is ready for the guests, but the guests are nowhere in sight. The guests are there in my dream house, but they are in the living room socializing.

What material is the cup I see in my backyard?

-The cup is porcelain.

What do you do with the cup?

-I pick it up, admire it and place the cup in the palm of my left hand. I then take it with me to wherever I’m going.

At the edge of my property, I see a body of water. What kind of body of water is it?

-An ocean.

How will you cross the water?

-On a boat, most likely a cool speedboat.


Ok, this next personality test I never heard about until tonight. I’ll post my answers below the video. Give it a go yourself with this one.

Video credit: BuzzMoy

Do you see a cube?

How large is it?

Probably the size of a moving box.

What is it made out of?

-Shiny silver metallic. Unbreakable. Solid.

Where exactly is it in the desert?

-I don’t know. It’s just there.

Is it buried under the sand or is it sitting on top?

-It’s sitting on top of the sand.

Is it floating in the air or moving?

-No. My box is sitting on the sand.

What material is the ladder made from?


How tall is it?

-Six feet.

Where is it in relation to the cube?

-Next to the cube.

How far is the horse from the cube?

-It’s right next to it.

What is the horse doing?

-Not much, just standing there making sounds.

Which way is it moving?

-The horse is relaxed and just standing there content.

What does it look like?

-The horse is brown and beautiful.

Is the horse tied up or roaming freely?

-The horse is not tied up and can roam free as it pleases.

Is it wearing a saddle?

-Heck no!

Can you picture any flower in the desert?


Where are they situated compared to the cube?

-The flowers (yes plural) are situated in front of the cube and horse.

How many of them do you see in there?

-Lots of flowers! Flowers of all colors and sizes.

Storm approaching. Is it big or small?

-It’s big.

Is it violent or calm?

-The storm off in the far, far distance is calm yet dark with sounds of thunder every 10 minutes.

What’s the distance between the storm and cube?

-Very, very far. There are many miles between the storm and cube.

Does the storm affect the cube, horse, ladder or flowers?


**After watching the results of my flower inquiry, I must say I do think of kids, but I don’t want hundreds of them according to how many flowers I envisioned in my desert. I just love flowers and think they add beauty to anything. These two tests were fun and were interesting. Take it with a grain of salt and just have fun!








One thought on “Amanda takes 2 Japanese Personality Tests!

  1. It is hard since it required me to not overthink the questions which I can’t do, LOL. I found the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T.) to be better suited to me. A zombie school in CO? You have everything there =]]

    Hope you and AB are fine. Interacting with wolves sounds amazing!

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