I dance in the car, do you?

Hey guys!

I found this gem of a video a while ago and shared it on Twitter. I love this song and video so much I wanted to blog it to my subscribers. As you know, blogging on WordPress allows me to look back at a certain time of my life and remember the good times. I work with adults with disabilities (Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy etc) and I absolutely adore them; I wake up and am excited to know I will make a difference in their lives and help them with their goals. I also like to have fun with them when we go out into the community. Those special moments I cherish so much. I’m making memories with them AND they see how fun it is to hang out with me such as dancing to music in the car, hehe. When I first saw how they were dancing in the car, I thought, “Omg! That’s exacty what I do with my hands too! The head shake, the rolling of the shoulders etc” So much fun!

Video credit: Superfruit

Song: This Girl by Kungs X Cookin’ on 3 burner

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