Hold my heart (like a newborn baby)

I think this is why I’ve been single the past 17 months. It’s not so much as guarding my heart, it’s more about finding someone who will treat you with respect. The way someone treats me gives me an enormous overview of how they see themselves. I have massive respect for myself and I do my best to value and gently hold someone else’s heart. However, in return, they may just take a quick look at my heart and toss it aside like it was nothing because there’s always someone else, like we’re all on some kind of conveyer belt of dating. Picking up my heart off the ground, because these years it’s gotten harder to break my heart (maybe a scuff here and there), I think, “Are you serious? My heart is not a football.” Sure, my heart may be bionic with self respect, but it deserves to be handled gently at the same time. Be rest assured, I have hope there’s still guys out there that will take a much longer look at my heart like an art piece that is complex with beauty and value it to protect it with all his might.

This may or may not have been inspired by true events. The characters or events in this story may be pure, uh, coincidence.


9 thoughts on “Hold my heart (like a newborn baby)

  1. Helen

    Well said. I have had my heart ripped out and stomped on, but the Lord had a better person in mind for me. I pray you will find a very special man, too. Love you!

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  2. I certainly agree. All hearts deserve the tender care one would give a child. But you are a rare and wonderful one…among so many other orchids, lilies, and roses…so you deserve to have a rare find, who also understands and loves you knowing that. I will try not to be…slightly…or more..jealous

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    1. Awwww. I didn’t see your comment until now. I’m a rare jungle flower. I have a gentle heart and once in a blue moon a guy comes along and kinda bruises it a bit. He didn’t break it, but enough to make me feel more guarded for the next guy, who is trying his best to get through, poor thing. He said, “Don’t let the last guy ruin it for the rest of us!” Lol.

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  3. It’s said that love is found when you’re not searching for love. I don’t know how much weight this bears, but at least you’ll know your blood pressure will not elevate in the bank, grocery store, the park, anywhere where “I MUST FIND MR. PERFECT!’ echoes in your thoughts. 7 billion people in the world–you’re not meant to be alone.

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    1. Lol! 😂 Not trying to find Mr. Perfect. I was just ranting a little bit about how insensitive guys can be with my heart, it goes to show me their true colors, character and maturity level. The psychology of manners. Quite interesting…

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