Denver Botanic Gardens

Walking around Denver Botanic Gardens was very beautiful and I’m happy to share some of what we saw. Now that we are in the Spring season, the trees are in full bloom. That Colorado blue sky though!


I came across a very angry orchid flower. It was screaming! Beautiful, but sassy orchids in the tropical room.


Gorg plant, but I’m not sure the name of it. I love the tones in this particular plant.

This stretches a long way and I just thought this angle was just so pretty. When I edited my name at the bottom of this picture, it came out huge here on WordPress. Sorry about that. But let’s take a moment and notice how all the little blue flowers look like they are yelling. Nature has a sense of humor and I’m bound to find it!


If pink is your favorite color you would be in your glory walking around here.


I like to find ugly or things that would normally be overlooked and make it spectacular. Here we have reeds sticking out of the water. They have nothing to offer. However, I loved how the sky reflected on the water. I was mesmerized.


Blue flowers melt my heart-just like I fell in love with these flowers when I saw them.


This reminded me of my childhood growing up in the Amazon jungle. Be still my beating heart.


Growing up seeing these plants all your life isn’t too shabby. I felt right at home when I saw these.




I might blow up this photo in size and hang it in my bathroom. It’s got that organic, fresh and zen feel to it. I was literally standing over this plant to get this shot.


My mom would have loved these flowers.


I love sculptures and this certainly caught my eyes!


One of my favorite spots at the Denver Botanic Gardens! You can walk around the pond or sit on one of the benches facing the gazebo. To the far left is where we sat at the restaurant (not seen in the photo) where the service is friendly, the views are amazing and the food is delicious! I was raving about their fries and their pulled pork sandwich for days!


Japanese garden.








This bridal gown was up on the second floor of one of the plant rooms showcasing local artists work. Actually, it was in the same level as the tropical plant room. I love the skirt!


If I lived closer to Denver (I live an hour away) I’d become a member to come sit here everyday. It’s amazing how so many plants can replenish your inner soul. This woman was just sitting there enjoying the atmosphere and I don’t blame her. This particular walkway reminded me of a park by my house down in Brazil called “The Bosque”. It was here that I’d go there and run around with my friends or have picnics with my mom, exploring and hiking around the trails. Here is a short video of what the park looks like. It literally is one of my favorite places in my hometown, I have so many great memories from there. One day I’d love to show my teen Adventure Boy this park, so he can get a feel (other than the humid air) of what kind of things I did as a teen. The video is here. Check it out!


Behold a tree house! We were heading up to the top, but there were cones in the way in one of the stairs. By then, I had looked at the time and realized they were going to be closing soon so we forgot to head up the other way to go up. Maybe this coming Saturday we’ll head up to the top. Anyways, this tree house was epic! If you live near Denver, definitely check out the tree house in the tropical plant room. This is one of my favorite pictures even though it seems like any other picture. I like it!


I love this house! Nothing brings out the romantic in me to see vines climbing up an old house with so much character. I could have sat there and come up with a short love story just by looking at this house. Yes, this is in the Denver Botanic Gardens park.



So there ya go. Just a few pictures that I took whilst visiting Denver Botanic Gardens. This probably is thee longest post I’ve ever done in the past 5 years I’ve been blogging here on WordPress.


24 thoughts on “Denver Botanic Gardens

    1. Awwww thanks my dear and talented friend! This makes me so gappy to hear that! I’ve been gone for about 3 months, a long picture blog was long overdue. I took about 200 pictures that day, my camera konked out like, “That’s it!!! I’m done!!” to which I pulled out my phone camera….which you’ll notice are smaller pictures. I’m weird. I just like weird angles when I take photos! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not weird at all. It is a unique talent to have vision and know what suits your eye. Weird angles are nothing but different perspectives my friend. So glad to see you back.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. These pictures are way off of what I would have taken. I would have made sure the pictures were way blurrier and more meaningless. A blurry pic is the best. Who needs a sharply focused one? By the way, have you been to the zoo there? I have .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha! I know you would have! You love blurry pictures. 😂 I mean REALLY!!! CLEAR PICTURES?? Soooo overrated!!! 😂 No, not yet. Soon though. Spending a lot of time up in Denver these past weeks. We’re heading up today again for another exciting day!


      1. Lol! We’re going to check out the Art Museum first since we both love art. I took a blurry picture of a seahorse if you want to check it out! It’s on my Instagram and Twitter feed. You can get your blur fix. 😂


    1. Thanks!! Wise words from a wise friend. I tend to find humor in even the most serious moments. I was enjoying the orchid and it’s beauty until suddenly it dawned on me it looked like it was yelling! I’m weird I guess.


    1. Thank you so much! Did you see my latest frame of a duck? There was this fence that was in front of the duck I saw, so I used the fence as a natural border. It’s on my Twitter. Hope all is well there! Great hearing from you again. 😊

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    1. Ar you are so kind to say that. I’m so happy you like the pictures, I enjoyed taking them to be able to share a little piece of my world with you all. Thanks for swinging by and leaving a comment! 👍

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