Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


Manitou Springs, Colorado is a cool and funky little mountain town I often go to. There’s a bench with artsy designs that I pass all the time and I always love taking close up pictures of all the fun things I see on there. This photo above is just a little part of the long bench which holds art on it and I thought I’d share it with you and be part of the Weekly Photo Challenge.

There’s a Super Bowl game happening next Sunday. Make sure to cheer for the Broncos to win! See? There’s even a HORSE in the picture! It all ties in together, hehe.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

  1. I knew there was a reason other than the landscape that Colorado is one of my destination spots on the vacation bucket list. The creative and artistic vibe seems amazing as well. Tell me the food is great too and it makes the top of my list! LOL

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    1. I actually have more artsy photos I took of that bench. Maybe I’ll post them on my Instagram. Oh yeah. Colorado has some fun little towns that are hip and trendy where there are sculptures and art oozing out of everywhere, it’s an art lovers dreamland! The food is pretty good. I just discovered a cool Middle Eastern restaurant I’m obsessed about. It’s called The Heart of Jerusalem and the food is out of this world! I woke up this morning thinking…NOT ABOUT BREAKFAST…but if they did take out. Hehe! They have two locations and there’s one close to my house. I don’t eat out much, but I’m thinking of eating out more and discovering some great places to eat. I’ll let you know. Manitou Springs is like the Soho of Colorado Springs. It’s just a cool place to hang. 🙂

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