Amanda in her Wonderland…

Hi guys!

Welcome to my warped world here in Colorado. I had some fun twisting some of my photos that you may have already seen in past blog posts. I’ve been wanting to twist my photos for several months now and I finally got the chance! So here they are, tah-dah! Yeah. About the title. Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite childhood stories. When my mom would read me the book as a young child living in Brazil, I could relate to Alice in always wanting to explore places. I never had the fear of the unknown and to this day, I am still very adventurous. So this blog is dedicated to all my friends and subscribers who think “outside the box” and for those like me who still see the world with wonder and magic.


Driving through Garden of the Gods…love the road here. Even the sky is pretty rad here.


If Garden of the Gods was an island in the sky…this is how it might look like.


The Great Sand Dunes. This is like Star Wars meets Alice in Wonderland with a lot of sand! Very magical if I say so myself.


I love this one (I love them all) because it’s basically how I see the world. I still see it with wonder and magic. I think this one reflects it the best.


Who says Aspen, Colorado is boring? Not only is it beautiful when it’s completely twisted, but it looks rather artsy too. Love the brick colors here. And the never ending road around the buildings.


The fact that the guy on the far right is looking to his right makes this picture awesome! It’s like he’s thinking, “Where am I?! What planet is this?” Haha. You can see the original picture in the few blogs back. We were hiking around Palmer Park by my home. This looks like flat land and it is, but we are actually pretty high because you can see below at the city. This park is smack dab in the middle of town, but you’d never know it by hiking up there. It’s like Central Park in NYC…you’d never know it with all the highways and roads all around you if you look down from where you are hiking, it’s total crazy cool to hike there. I obviously had fun with this one!


Uhhh. I hate this white hat. It makes me look like a construction worker! We were hiking up to Helen Hunt Falls back in late September or early October of last year and I decided to wear that dumb white hat. It’s too big on me anyways. But can I just say that I look like I’m doing a David Blaine stunt? Remember the one where he stood on top of a pole thing for days? Yeah. That’s what I look like here. I love that flannel shirt. Never owned one until I came to Colorado (got it from Charlottes at the Mall-woo!). Anyways, I twisted this picture so much it looks like I am standing! Ha! Little do you know that I am actually sitting on a stone fence overlooking the trees below. From the camera’s perspective (normal picture), it looks like I am sitting on a very, very high stone wall that drops several hundred feet below me, but there is actually a slow slope beneath me, so I am somewhat safe. If I slip and lose my balance, then yes, I would tumble all the way down to the forest below. I love how the twisted effect made my body look like a seahorse…see that little tail at the bottom? Fo shizzle mah dizzle.

Guys. I have a confession to make. I am. Actually. A seahorse. Just kidding.


I see Pikes Peak everyday! It’s really tough living here where you see one of the most beautiful mountains in the USA, but what can I say? It’s really, really tough seeing such beauty every single day! Anyways, who knew there was a road to heaven here in Colorado Springs? See? Here is the proof guys!


Believe it or not, this is the exact same picture as above! I made it so it looked like it’s own island in the sky…with a mirrored effect. Dreamy. It is Pikes Peak.


Amanda in her wonderland. Fun photo!


Love this picture! This was taken at Palmer Park as we hiked along a trail, but I made it look artsy. I might even blow this one up and frame it. I think I have a perfect spot for it too. Ok guys. That is all for now. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Life has been stressful the past 2 months, but hopefully February will be a lot better. A huge welcome to my latest subscribers!


24 thoughts on “Amanda in her Wonderland…

    1. Thanks Michelle! I’ve been looking forever for the app that does this and found it by accident when I was downloading some photo editing apps. The one I use is called “Cameringo Lite”. If you’ve installed the app, press the six white squares you see on the bottom right hand corner of the app Cameringo Lite to choose a picture from your phone photo gallery. I emailed myself my photos from my camera that I had already edited and then downloaded them into my phone gallery to be uploaded to my Cameringo Lite app. Once you have chosen your picture, click the Pen icon to “edit” then click the blue/green/red balloon looking icon on the far left of the app. This will take you to many editing options. The options are in GREY. You’ll see “Mono”, “Traces”, etc. Find “Twist” by scrolling to the left with your finger. After you find “Twist”, it will give you several options if you want to make your picture look like a tunnel or implode…etc. It’s fun! Check it out and let me see a pic you’ve twisted! 🙂

  1. Beautifully twisted visions my friend. I am envious beyond words. Live your dream but try not to fall down the rabbit hole. Life up here is surreal enough as it is. LOL

    1. Hehe. Too late! I love rabbit holes, they keep me on my toes and with my dream job, it will take me on many rabbit holes whether I want to or not. I’m looking forward to it. But I know what you mean. Do you know what is surreal to me which I want to see someday? The Northern Lights. It’s always been a dream of mine to see those….so otherworldly to me.

    1. Awww, thank you! I like that one too. I’m so happy he happened to look to his right. It just made my twisted version of this picture much more interesting like it actually is a twisted wheat world we live in….

    1. Haha! 😊 I used to be a gymnast when I was a child so I learned balance. I rarely fall, but this stone was has a waterfall next to it. There is a huge smooth rock area right below me you can’t see in the picture, so it’s pretty steep. Someone a few years ago slipped on the slippery rock that the waterfall is on and slid all the way down the waterfall to the bottom!!!!

  2. Dear Seahorse… it has been a long time since I visited your ocean. I am happy you have found the salinity in the Rocky Sea to your liking. My coral reef is a bit barnacled back here, along the line of old Falstaff’s ailment, but me thinks the rations will hold out as I venture forth out of the fading fog. Your now-again faithful servant, Not-So-Lost-Anymore.

    1. Lol. You’re not my servant you silly goose. You’re a long lost friend who has returned once again. How are you? Such a nice comment on a day I have felt so lonely. Stuck up girls at work make it a point to always exclude me from thongs. Feeling lonely. Colorado is great, but it’s been quite lonely here……

      1. Ah, lass, I am sorry to hear you are feeling lonely there. Sorry I am not there to take you to the theatre, the museum, and the like, because I would if I could. apparently the men there are clueless or they just have not met you yet. The “stuck up girls” are probably jealous of your intelligence…if they have the intellect to do so. I do hope AB is having the time of his life…though hopefully not skiing down the wrong mountain….

        – your once-again loyal follower 🙂

      2. Well….this can anywhere but I have come across guys who aren’t dependable. Lol. If they ask me for coffee or whatever, I would hope they keep their word! I’m extremely picky, so if a guy can’t keep his word before even dating me, he’s not worth pursuing. Who wants a man who is flakey? Certainly not me! The girls at work are in a clique. I’m nice to them and make polite conversation, but they make sure to exclude me from a lot, even parties. Oh well! I’m joining an archery club, so hopefully I can find like minded peeps. Thanks for saying I’m bright. My IQ is 132. I do enjoy being ridicuoulsl silly, so there’s a balance there. 🌼👍

      3. a woman with a bow? how romantic!
        I look forward to hearing about your exploits. Personally, I find a straight-shooting fine female mind to be quite stimulating. Unfortunately, I do not usually find my peeps usually until early April. It does appear that we are both extremely picky, but I do not believe that a full set of teeth would be as difficult a qualifying factor for dating in your mountains. I look forward to your posts, you are indeed a fine lass, and I am so sorry I was not born later. Your man in the field, Daithi

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