Day 10 Writing Challenge: Write your top 10 pet peeves

Ooooh snap! This should be fun! Yes, after yesterday’s post, I wanted to do something a bit more light hearted. When it comes to pet peeves, I can tolerate some things, but others…. No ma’am, nooo ma’am!

1. People who don’t cut their fingernails! Especially men. I’m not big fan of men with claws and if there is (gasp) dirt underneath their nails, then I am running for the hills. A nice clean cut fingernail is attractive to me.

2. People picking their teeth at the table. I just cringe whenever I see this. Please for the love of the world get a toothpick!

3. Don’t call me “babe” if you want to date me! I don’t care if other couples call each other that, but I hate being called babe. It reminds me that pig from the movie “Babe” and I will think I’m a pig if I’m called that. I prefer the much sweeter names like darling, sweety, hon or princess.


4. When I’m concentrating and someone starts to click their pen like crazy!

5. Squeezing the toothpaste from the middle!

6. When you do something for someone and they don’t say thank you. I don’t like the attitude of entitlement. Just show a sign of gratefulness.

7. When someone takes a swig of water from a bottle than hands it to you with all their germs floating around in the backwash! Ew. Just no. Nope. Gross.

8. People who cross a busy road and don’t bother to look both ways! There’s an air of arrogance for people who do this because they think traffic from both directions will stop just to watch them walk across the road like royalty.

9. When you come up with a great idea and someone else takes credit for it in front of your boss! This happened to me once many years ago. Grrr!

10. Eating a Kit Kat like a sandwich! No, you break it in pieces one by one in one long strip. To munch right across the Kit Kat is like death to me! Haha!

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