Day 8 Writing Challenge: Write about anything

Well…that’s easy. Let’s just take the time to appreciate the folks back in 1906. I saw this posted on Twitter and it hasn’t slipped my mind at all. In fact, I keep thinking about it so I thought I’d finally put it to rest and share it with you. When I watched this clip, I couldn’t get over the funny characters that showed up along the ride. The traffic is normal in the beginning, drivers play chicken in trying to beat the cable car within seconds of crossing it, people stand in the middle of the tracks as if to have a showdown with the cable car, a silly newsboy criss crosses the tracks, two people nearly get run over by cars and someone’s car needs an extra push to get going. By the end of the video, there’s no sense in even having a road, it’s just pretty much anyone’s road! What I also found fascinating was just the way the people acted in general and wondering where they were off to that day. The music is hypnotizing and haunts your mind for a while after watching it. I love the rare glances we have into the past, it’s like looking into a time capsule and the way the people looked into the camera (if they knew they were being filmed) was almost spooky. Oh. Was that a random horse just running the streets at 3:27?

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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