Day 7 Writing Challenge: Write a Poem ( “Tristan”)



Isolated from the world, you stand on your own.
Rough waters surround you, high cliffs abound
Forgotten by the world, this home you’ve always known.
Seagulls calling each other a familiar sound

Sailing to come see you, across the ocean blue
A journey that will take many days
What is this air of mystery that surrounds you,
When I arrive, show me your ways.

Anchor my love, I must be with you soon
Nourish me from the rains from above,
Light my path when I walk under the moon,
Wait for me, welcome me with love.


I had more fun writing this poem than you might expect. Why? Ah, you’ll see why later today. Who is Tristan you may ask? Why haven’t you told us about Tristan? I can only smile and tell you you’ll find out very soon. But I must confess, Tristan did inspire me to write this poem. My next post will be all about Tristan, so please be on the lookout for my next blog because it will explain everything!

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