6 thoughts on “Day 5 Writing Challenge: Write a letter to someone

  1. Beautiful Colorado? Just awesome. I have often said there are only a small handful of places I would rather live than Northern California where I am now. Colorado is HIGH (Rocky Mountain High) on that list. LOL. BTW…your follow button is up again and I am indeed still a follower. See you in my reader.

    1. Haha, ok. Amazingly awesome Colorado. 😀 Northern California is not too shabby either! Very gorgeous I must say. Dec. 26th will mark exactly a year since I arrived here after driving cross country from Jersey. There are some lakes that are jaw dropping gorgeous that I have yet to go to here in Colorado. One of my wishes is to just lay on a side of a mountain overlooking a valley or lake surrounded by flowers. What a feeling of utopia! YES! For some reason, I thought my “Follow” button had been up, but I think it disappeared when I changed themes on my blog from earlier this year. Thanks for the reminder!

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