Amanda’s Midnight Potion (Halloween)


2015-09-30 20.46.56

Hi guys!

I was inspired to make my own version of this fun drink tonight that is family friendly. It’s very simple. All you need are the following items:

– Blue juice
– Black sugar (store bought)
– Yellow, Red and Blue food dye.
– Plain sugar (if you want to make your own black sugar, I highly suggest this instead)
– Honey
– FAKE spiders!
– Funky or stylish glasses (mine were plastic)

To make your own black sugar, put in the amount of sugar you want for how many glasses you will be coating in a plastic cup. Add the red, yellow and blue food dyes to the sugar. Stir. Add more blue food dye to make it darker.

Place the black sugar on a plate. Lightly coat the rims of the glasses with honey to “hold” the black sugar. Dip the rims in the black sugar.

Add the blue juice.

Decorate with fake spiders and voila, you’ve got yourself Halloween party drinks for your guests!

The original alcohol version can be found here: Alcohol version

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