Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day


It was a good day because I found this app and I could frame these flowers! I love taking pictures, but I also enjoy framing my photos too. This elegant frame seemed appropriate for these flowers. What is the app? It’s called “Photo Studio” and you can find this exact frame for your photos on there. I’m still discovering all it has, so that’s always fun. I did use Picasa to do a quick green border around the frame.

This picture suggests romance, elegance and perhaps a little wish for the future in my humble opinion. I like to interpret things I see and photograph them, but I also like to see if my viewers also see what I see. Maybe if I take a dreamy picture, does it mean I’m in a dreamy state of mood? Yes! Very much so. I show my emotions through my photography.

So do you have plans this weekend? If you know me well by now, you will probably know that I love theater! In saying that, I’m going to a theatrical dance play called The Warriors: A Love Story. The main characters of said play is about a philosopher and a dancer who were truly in love and survived the war. My kind of play! Those are my plans for Friday night this week, just another excuse to dress up; besides the play is free. Then this weekend it’s off to see the Hot Air Balloon festival here in Colorado Springs!

It’s September already, can you believe it? I hope this month treats everyone of you very kindly.

Until next time my darlings. xoxo

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day

    1. Yes, I feel Fall approaching. I can’t wait until the leaves change because we’ll be heading to Aspen and Vail for a road trip…again! How are you and your lovely wife doing?


      1. It’s very addicting. It’s one of those “trial and error” games. I’ve taken a break from it for the past month, haha. I guess I can play it when I’m waiting for something.

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    1. It was an interesting play. I doubt I’ll see any more modern dances anytime soon. It wasn’t me. I love the Stuck in the Middle with you song too. I sometimes wake up with particular songs in my head. Hey. What do you think of Fear the Walking Dead? Yawn. I can’t get into it. What say you???

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