Beautiful garden of a haunted castle

Well hello there my loves!

So a few days ago I went again to a haunted castle called Miramont Castle Museum here in Manitou Springs. Now, Manitou Springs is a cool and funky little mountain town that we go to often. There is tons to see and do here and you’ll always find me here most weekends. Anyways, so the first time we went there was to go on the self tour of the castle and during our tour we took over a hundred pictures and some videos. We were all excited with our photographs and what a great day we had when we came home. Unfortunately, for some reason all of our pictures on both cameras were mysteriously deleted during the uploading process. There was no explanation for it either. Someone or something in that haunted castle did not want to be seen. Being totally undeterred and relentless about this and highly disappointed by all this, I figured we will go again and retake all the garden shots. I must say, uploading these pictures took me 4 hours. I had computer problems and I never had such problems with my photographs. They are mostly of flowers, but it’s a cute magical little garden and one to get truly inspired by. It’s like a fairy tale garden of sorts.



The left side of the castle.


The mid section of the castle. A priest lived here and he built this home for himself and his mother. July112015MarimontCastleColoradoSpringsCOJavaGirlsLifeBlog

Being greeted by a lovely sign in case you forgot where you were at or entering.


The picture above is the only picture that survived from inside the castle. I took it with my phone and had posted it on twitter. This staircase was beautiful. It’s almost like the castle beckons you to walk up the stairs to explore all the rooms. Some may find this creepy, mysterious or just another museum. I didn’t find it creepy at all. There were some very dark staircases that lead to unknown rooms, but they were closed off. This castle must look absolutely gorgeous during Christmas time all decorated. I must return then again. There was a couple in front of us, so I waited until they were out of the way to take this picture. Once up the stairs, you go up another flight of stairs to see an art room, solarium, bedrooms etc. A pregnant nun hung herself in the solarium, but I didn’t find anything scary about that room. My hairstylist, who told me to come here, said she felt strange in the room and she and her brother ran out of the room because they just felt frightened. I felt the room to be quite nice and lovely. The sun was pouring through the room. It felt still though….


A gorgeous fountain. The sound was even lovelier.










If there ever was a time I captured flowers looking like they were singing, it would be this one. How cute are these flowers? With their little petals turning up to the sky! They are not perfect with their petals, but they sure reflect personality.


I need some of these in my garden!


The view from the garden overlooking the foothills. So beautiful.


The gate entrance had these leaves hanging all over the fence.


What is it about pink flowers? Love them.


I had to use a flash for this picture. Without a flash, the rose looked black because the sun was behind it.

If you are interested in learning more about the haunted castle museum, check out the website. Type in Miramont Castle Museum in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

I’ll be heading to Breckenridge and Frisco this weekend and I’m so excited! I’ll be taking loads of pictures once again. It will be a lovely car ride. My bestfriend will be driving, so I’ll just be relaxing and enjoying the view.

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