Stormy skies on a mountain

These pictures were taken Sunday June 28, 2015 at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. We had gone to an area to watch the cars race by, but it was interrupted by stormy clouds coming over the mountain. We were not at the very top, but it was high enough to see all the trees below and feel high enough to be close to “America’s Mountain” at 14,000 feet above sea level. Anyways, so as people were packing up to go home, we hung around instead and hoped for the best not to be hit by lightening. I saw an opportunity for some photos as I saw people walk back and forth on a hill. Here are some shots I took.


This man made a make shift cover for where he was sitting. The poles appeared to be regular branches he might have found on the ground. It looked pretty cool.


I like this photo a lot and the mood it represents. It almost looks otherworldly because the clouds can also look like far away canyons in a different world or a big ocean with huge waves.


This guy kept staring down at me as I snapped pictures. I later realized I was using my flash on my camera, so it was dead giveaway of what I was doing. I thought I was being sneaky, but I was caught red handed. I wasn’t taking his photo because of him, but because he was a subject matter in my photo I was trying to convey, he just happened to walk by.


Just people walking about. This was fun, I have to do this type of photography again.

More on the storm on the mountain. I’ve never experienced a bonafide mountain storm in Colorado and I’m sure it won’t be my last! Being a total newbie to how unpredictable and volatile storms can be up in a mountain, I was a little ill prepared. I should have worn a hat and a waterproof jacket with a hoodie. We forgot the main lunch sandwiches in the car and ended up only eating the snacks we brought along with the water. As we headed for cover, it started to pour rain and the winds picked up. At one point, I looked up at the sky and could have sworn I saw a tornado form. I saw some clouds start to swirl in a circle and I almost started to run for my life. To the hot chocolate stand, of course. Then hail started and we ran even faster to the main starting point of the event. We found a tent and stood under it with 30 people or so as we watched the rain come down. In front of us were the cars under their covers as they were lined up to take their turns to race up the mountains. We were all cold and shivering. My hair was soaked and I was hungry. Despite that, I was still having fun because this was new to me. I love everything about Colorado, but I’m not crazy about the hail storms since moving here, but it’s ok. I just have to carry my umbrella more often when I know it will hail storm and then I won’t feel the marble like pelting from it. More on this later as I edit my photos and video.

Blogger’s Note: I’m working on some pictures and a video of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this past Sunday that we went to. It was my first time seeing cars, trucks and motorcycles race and I had a lot of fun!

6 thoughts on “Stormy skies on a mountain

  1. Love the the contrast … the upper dark skies, the darkness of the ground … the light in the background … the shadowy figures … all add up to awesome combination. Storms in Colorado Springs can be quite the sight!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHA. Wait until you see my next blog! I actually have three women looking at me as I snap the picture. They just happened to be in the way. I was in a rush and it would have been very rude to tell them to move out of the way. If I had cut them off of the picture, only half of the castle would have shown. But, yes, they are staring at me too. Oh, believe me, I could be a great spy. 😉 😛 Yep. Keeping my day job.


    1. No, not my local community. I have some very, very, VERRRRYYYYY tough competition if I did. Colorado is so picturesque that I see outstanding pictures of this place all the time on websites about Colorado. And they are from regular people too. I could try… Stormy weather is cool if I am safe from any lightening strikes and yes, if my power remains. Yes, I have many stories to tell. I was only frightened ONCE of all the crazy stuff I heard and saw. Radio turning off on its own and still playing WHILE being unplugged….growls coming from my closet, tv going on and off during Halloween, my porcelain doll falling on its own, hearing voices from my basement through the vent….and this house I’m talking about….after my mom sold it, the next owner only lived there six months (haha) before she turned around and sold it to someone else. She said she experienced weird things there too. That was only the tip of the iceberg with that house. None of those things scared me because I’m just fearless. Instead of being scared, I’m way too analytical and think, “Ok. What scientific reasoning is there here which could have produced such a sound or what I saw.” Then I get all nerdy and scientific, hence leaving me not scared by the end of the day. 😛


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