My summer song for 2015

Hey everybody!

I know I’ve been MIA, but I’ve actually been quietly enjoying my life here in Colorado the past months. My car has been showing its elderly age, so I’ve had to stay close to home until things are fixed and the unpredictable weather hasn’t been cooperative on the weekends either to be able to go out. I’ll be out and about hopefully soon with new videos and pictures. Believe me! I know what I’m doing for my birthday, so hopefully that will fall into place next month. I’m so happy about it I can’t contain my excitement! If you follow my twitter page, you might have seen a clue I posted on there of what I’d like to do for my birthday.

Every year around this time I choose a song that I think may capture my summer adventures and this time, I chose a song. It is called “Heart & Soul” by Built By Titan. Fun little song and just hearing it makes me very excited for my first summer here in Colorado. This place is gorgeous and so much to explore for someone like myself. Everyday I can’t believe I’m so lucky to live here and the Pikes Peak mountain so close to home is like living in a postcard. I can’t wait to start showing my friends around here who live out of State. I’m slowly making new friends here and they are so sweet and kind. Perhaps they’ll show up in future blogs and videos. We shall see.

If you are curious, my summer song for last year for 2014 was “The World” by Sean Tyas feat. Lo-Fi Sugar. I chose that song because we went on a 4 country cruise to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Saint Maarten, St. Martin and Haiti that summer. There was a lot of dancing during that vacation, so this song fit it perfectly.

A huge welcome to all my new subscribers since the last time I blogged! I’ll be making my rounds of people who have stopped by my page, I haven’t had the time and my email alerts are sending all my blogs I follow into my spam folder, so I never end up seeing any new posts from you guys. WP glitch? Anyone else having that problem?

Have a great weekend and be safe! I’ll be back soon! Remember the true meaning of Memorial Day this weekend. I salute all that serve and have served this country.

We’ll be shining, we’ll be shining, we’ll be shining tonight!”

3 thoughts on “My summer song for 2015

  1. Cid! What was it that you had already foretold you’d do for your birthday?? I knew it was in June and yet haven’t heard anything about a specific day, otherwise I’d have given a shoutout on the 11th and not a belated ‘happy birthday Cid!’ and feeling ashamed right now XD

    1. Philip! 😛 I was supposed to go kayaking, but people had other plans for me, so I had to stay local. 😛 Which was nice since last year I spent it alone. Don’t feel ashamed. I purposefully set my bday on private mode even on my FB so no one knew and it didn’t alert anyone on my list that it was my bday. 😛 Yes, it was on the 11th and that’s perfectly fine it’s a belated birthday. It makes me happy you even remembered or thought of me and that is enough for me than many presents. 😀

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