Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate


I got this Mayan calendar at Old Colorado City. Remember how I wrote the first one crashed the first night I brought it home? Well, this is the second one I bought and it’s been behaving on the wall and not broken into pieces. I like decorating my home with small eclectic things and I found this piece to be one that starts conversations. Or so I hope because the dude sticking out his tongue is just too funny to me because that’s pretty much what I do when I eat asparagus and lima beans!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

    1. Hey, sorry I just go to this comment! Sadly, I’m not getting most of people I subscribe to on my email alerts. It’s very weird. I’ve been super busy furnishing my apartment and getting settled here in Colorado. Haha, yes the eyes do look like they are crossed. Oh. Yes, I do that a lot-press my fingers across the artwork. It’s to the right on the wall when you enter my home. In a few weeks or even sooner, I’ll be updating my personal blog. 🙂

    1. Saw your tweet now… I literally felt sick watching The Mountain and The Viper’s conclusion! T.M. is actually a bodybuilder, he has some great out-of-character photos in his Facebook. Never knew you were into GOT, Cid!

      1. I never was until my personality of ENFJ was the same as Daenyris. I didn’t know who she was so it made me watch the show out of curiosity. So far, we are identical in personality (we don’t take bull crap from anyone, but yet we love to stand up for freedom and the under dogs. ). I wish she had not locked up two of her other dragons!! What the eff! Lol. I’m still upset about that!!!! Yeah. The fight scene was more gory than any other TWD episode! =-O

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