JavaGirl’s Craft of the Month

CraftForJavaGirlsLifeBlog2015pic2You’ll need:

– 20-60 clothes pin for 3 plant or candle holders.

– A small plant.

-Wood Stainer color of your choice.

– A tuna or cat food can.


It takes about 20 clothes pin to complete a cat food can.



Insert the small plant inside the can and viola, you’ve got the cutest little plant holder on the block!


Or you may want to just use them (au natural without the wood stainer) as so and put two small tea candles inside instead.


Like so and you’ve got a romantic candle holder for the table or wherever you want a small glow.


If you want variety with a plant and candle, here ya go!


I went even further and stained the holders with a red mahogany wood stain to go with my dining room table and added a sophisticated orchid for a touch of elegance.


You can do so much with this craft idea. For kids, you could even paint the clothes pin with a variety of colors or just a solid color for plant holders. I would highly caution to not use any flammable wood stain or paint to use for the candle holders. Safety first!

4 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Craft of the Month

    1. Thank you so much! I love it too. I would use regular paint for the tin and not stained paint to use on the metal tin. You live and learn when doing crafts!

    1. Pfff. I kinda messed up with the size of the can….I don’t eat tuna fish and with staining the tin. Oh well! It’s a cute craft. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve missed your presence on my blogs!!! 😛

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