Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange


Oh look at that! It’s a self portrait of myself after drinking too much carrot juice. I took this picture a few weeks ago with my Sony camera when we went to Old Colorado City and have wanted to post it on WordPress for the longest time. I’m so behind on my Weekly Photo Challenges, I feel as though I am running behind the Weekly Photo Challenge bus and waving my camera shouting, “Wait for me! I’ve got pictures to share! Let me catch up!”

One of the first stores we visited had the coolest sculptures and Mexican artwork. This was a garden wonderland of weird shaped animals with a hint of Picasso deformity in their anatomy and South Western Indian art craft. I did take several videos of it, but I have to put it together. I saw this face and admired the paintwork on it; there were others, but this was a bit spooky, but beautiful at the same time. We did end up buying a handmade circular Mayan calendar and hung it up on our wall, but during the night, it fell and smashed into four parts. Gluing it together did no justice to it, so this means another lovely trip through the Garden of the Gods (a lot of orange there) to this cool and quirky store to pick up another Mayan calendar.

Bloggers Note: If you’ve noticed I haven’t been around to your blog for the past weeks, it’s because my email notifications of hundreds of bloggers I follow were being sent to my bulk folder and not my regular inbox.  I only was getting 8 notifications a day when in reality I follow several hundred bloggers. I think it’s fixed because my inbox is back to overflowing with notifications once again. Another blogger mentioned to me that with WP always updating, perhaps it was a glitch. I seriously thought the unthinkable happed; the Blog apocalypse happened and everyone I was following simply just vanished due to no notifications of new posts. And that, my friends, would reflect a very orange face!

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