Artist of the month: Gustavo Silva Nunez

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you will know that I love blogging about painting and artists. I oil paint on the side for fun and once in a while I’ll write about them. I must note though that I can only oil paint nature and not people or animals. The way I draw people rivals that of a five year old, and the five year old would win hands down in a draw off. So, I will stick to painting snow capped mountains, trees, lakes and modern art.


I came across this amazing Venezuelan artist, Gustavo Silva Nunez today. When I saw his paintings, I was positive I was looking at a photo. His creations of hyperrealistic paintings are so real you have a to do a double take. This painting below of the woman in the pink bathing suit coming out of the water is my favorite. I could look at this photograph for the longest time. As an artist, you can recreate a person or imagine a place or person in your mind and make them come alive. That’s what I see here. Is she a real person? Is this woman someone from his imagination? Only he knows. It’s almost like his painting is coming to life, being curious and looking at the artist who created her. Truly a spectacular painting and photo.


More of his paintings.



So I choose Gustavo Silva Nunez as my artist of the month for his impeccable, brilliant and realistic way of painting people in water. To learn more about Gustavo Silva Nunez, check out his Facebook page.

Gustavo Silva Nunez Facebook

9 thoughts on “Artist of the month: Gustavo Silva Nunez

    1. I’ve always admired artists who could duplicate water, but water in action? That takes talent! Water takes on so many dimensions and reflections with light on hues….I’m quite impressed.

  1. Reminds me of an artist who drew realistic 3d art in public sidewalks.

    Ever think of posting one or two of your oil paints here? I liked ‘Her’. It was an interesting film. Lost in Translation is one of my favorites. Have you seen it?

  2. Hi Java Girl,I love artistic painting and photography artfully compiled, but I seem to have a problem with painting that is too life like, whilst it is undoubtedly skilful, I just don’t get it. Ha Ha how are you girl? I have been quite down but feeling better now.

    1. Hey!!! So good hearing from you, it’s been a while. Write me on my personal email and let me know what’s up. Lol. I can’t draw real life people either! But remember you are a brilliant photographer and that should always be applauded and proud of.

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