Why Wednesday

Hello friends,


I know for me, I am a writer. My thoughts come flowing out when I write, but sometimes I feel extremely vulnerable when it comes to verbally express my deepest feelings to someone. Sure, I’m a great conversationalist in person, but that doesn’t mean I go deep each time. In the past when I’ve expressed how I’ve felt in a calm and collected way to someone (I don’t believe in yelling or shouting to express ones feelings), be it a concern or anything in a negative situation, I’ve been met with anger. I began to wonder, “Why did they react like that? I just asked an innocent question. Why are they so angry?” You almost begin to doubt yourself. Was it my question? Did I hit a nerve? But I’ve learned, it’s not me, it’s them and their issues.

So next time, if someone comes up to you and opens up about something in their past life or anything that involves the both of you, just remember you have a choice of how to react to what they say. In a healthy friendship or relationship, the person listening is caring and puts forth the importance of the other person to come to a reasonable resolution.

But if you’re on the other end and you’re the one who is expressing your feelings and the person reacts negatively, just know it’s them, not you. They had a choice of how to react.

Stay strong. Never keep things inside. The people who truly love you will always listen and react in a positive way.

Until next time. xoxo


6 thoughts on “Why Wednesday

      1. We had a difficult start to the New Year. A family member was in an accident around 7:30 pm New Years Eve so New Years Day was spent in the trauma unit of an emergency hospital in Toronto. He was transferred to ICU on over the weekend and he is now in a regular unit looking at some extensive rehabilitation. We are celebrating no brain damage and no paralysis. Oh, and yesterday his sister gave birth to a brand new Grandnephew for me. Yeah!

      2. Michelle, that is awful. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that. Is he ok now? That’s a tragic way to start off the New Year. And I thought my New Years was horrible. Well, I hope the rest of your year is better not only for you but for your relative. Many hugs to you Michelle. Let’s toast to a great year ok?

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