Why Wednesday!

(Sarma, Arabika Massif)

WHY, is that I will refuse to jump out of a plane and go parachuting, yet I would be willing to descend into the dark abyss of said cave pictured above? Why?! What is wrong with me? Since I am terrified of heights, why is it that it doesn’t bother me to descend into a cave? I think because I have a slight more control of how slow I am descending via the ropes rather than falling through the skies in a very fast speed. I know with parachuting and spelunking, the final destination is the ground…but I tend to like to take my time when it comes to descending…hence my less fear of heights going down into some dark cave.

This cave called Cave Sarma world’s is the second biggest discovered cave in the world. It is also the most challenging, so if you want some major mental and physical challenge then this is the cave for you!

I don’t see myself going to Vietnam any time soon, but Son Doong is the world’s biggest cave and I would definitely check it out if I had an opportunity. For now, I’ll just explore it vicariously through this National Geographic documentary safe and sound in my living room eating my warm chocolate chip cookies and almond milk. Cave exploring, seeing and hearing rushing waters, climbing over rocks and wearing caving equipment, yes please! Ok, I admit. I wouldn’t go as far as these explorers and researchers did, but I would descend and explore for half an hour and then scramble back up. You have to make sure you always have an escape exit when in a cave!

If you do watch the video below, wait until you get to the 18:00 minute of the documentary. All I can say is that it’s very Jurassic Park-esque and beautiful. Those lucky cave explorers!

Video credit: Threeland Travel

16 thoughts on “Why Wednesday!

      1. I imagine you are swamped with preparing to move, but my holiday party is this weekend – starting at 3 AM Saturday … .going most of Sunday … thus if you get a chance.

      2. Aww, that sounds fun! We are actually officially going next Saturday, the 20th. It’s going to be a loooong 2 day drive, but definitely beautiful. Not really swamped, I’m just pacing myself packing. Wait…did you say starting at 3 AM? Whaaaaaaat. That’s cool!

    1. There no amount of money that would make me want to parachute! However, for some insane reason, spelunking doesn’t seem to bother me. I think I’ve watched way too many LOTR movies, lol. 🙂

  1. ahardrain

    I haven’t been around in awhile and see you been doing some traveling. How wonderful!!! I hope 2015 keeps you traveling also. Needed to stop by to wish you a joyous holiday 🙂

    1. Hello friend!! Yeah, it’s been a while, but I’ve also have needed to stop by your blogs too. I will, I promise. Yes, we went on a fantastic cruise to 4 different countries and now plan to move to Colorado this coming weekend! Road trip!! I can’t WAIT to show my latest blogs and videos to my friends and subscribers of all the adventures and places I’ll be going to once we officially settle in Colorado. I think we still plan to go to Bermuda and England next year, I hope!! Thanks for the wishes! I’ll stop by to wish you Merry Christmas very soon. Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. I’ll tell you how our Christmas was in your email. Hope yours was amazing! Were you good on Santa’s list? Ooooh. We hope to see The Interview very soon, hehe! Looks hilarious, just up my alley! 😛

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