JavaGirl’s Journal: Packing up!


Dear Journal,

Yesterday was the start of my vacation! Vacation to travel somewhere and lounge around the pool? No. Vacation to pack! It’s been a while since I have written in my “journal online”, but I haven’t wanted to. Things in my life have changed a lot in the past 4 months and it’s only going to get better! I got a great opportunity to live in Colorado Springs and I had to make a fast decision about it in August. Usually I take months to decide on a momentous life changing decision, but this was one of those “now or never” things. I do feel good about moving cross-country to a State I’ve only been to twice in my life, but the last time I was there last month, I just knew that is where I belong. You know that feeling you get just know about something? I was sipping hot tea and had walked out to the patio of where I was staying; I looked out at what was in front of me. In front of me was this huge mountain with the bluest sky I hadn’t seen since Brazil. The air was cool and crisp, the street was quiet with sounds of birds saying good morning. There is something about looking at a mountain in front of you which makes one really motivated. At least for me. The kind of motivation that says, “You know what? I’m going to the top of that mountain!” which in this case is Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is 14,000 feet above sea level and there are few ways to get up there. I personally want to take the cog train up there. But what I’m trying to say is that mountain also represents any mountain that I will climb or want to climb in the future regarding goals in life. Mountains=Goals in life. When you first look at the mountain (goal), you may think, “Wow. That’s huge!” but then if you are like me and like a good challenge, you then say, “But I’m going to get to the top of it!” Everyday you see that mountain in front of you. It’s a constant reminder (physically). The mountain is looking down at you almost as saying, “Come on, bring it!! Show me what you’ve got!” So, that’s when I knew I had made the right decision.

Packing and moving is nothing new to me. However, this is the first time to move on my own without said mother far away from New Jersey. I’m very excited, not nervous at all, and can’t wait to explore my new home. Sometimes you need to really change where you live to progress to a new chapter in your life. Colorado Springs will be temporary until next summer, then it’s packing up again to move to a home we will buy. After that, no more unpacking and repacking for a long time (except to travel to Europe etc for vacation).

I was telling someone a few weeks ago how my life has been like a rollercoaster the past year. I always use metaphors because they are fun to get a point across and it helps people understand me a bit better. Even I complicate myself sometimes. So, this past year has been sad and frustrating with the selling of my mom’s house, work getting me burned out and feeling of loneliness. Then out of the blue things started to pick up speed (mid July) where I’m thinking, “Whoa. What’s happening?” as things fall into place, I was able to look back behind me and see the dark skies I was leaving behind to head up to the top. I saw how far I had come and I was leaving it all behind and there was no turning back either. The ride of life was slowly heading up and my heart was pumping with excitement. The skies in front of me were brighter and sunnier. The view going up was amazing. As you go up, you see all what’s below you and what is ahead of you in life and you think, “Wow. Is that what I’m going to see and experience soon?” You see for miles and miles all around you and you can’t help but to enjoy the beauty of it all, but the beauty of it all belongs to me. It’s all mine-to enjoy. You’re not quite on top yet, but you’re getting a view of what is to come. I can’t help but to look back behind me and see the dark skies get father and farther away. That sipping tea moment was the beginning of being at the very top of the rollercoaster. I knew after that, things were going to go full throttle in planning, packing, moving etc. It’s a very exciting time in my life right now and Adventure Boy and I are thrilled at all the things we’ll be doing! Things will calm down just a little after April of next year. Until then, there will be many things happening. Just heard that a young couple made an offer to buy my mom’s house yesterday! Hopefully things will happen quickly because I’m leaving on Thanksgiving day right after dinner at my Aunt’s house.


Can I just say how much I love this town? There’s just something about it that is just so….inspiring. I could write a suspense/thriller book just by this photo or think of a mystery movie. You’ll be seeing more of this town Manitou Springs in the future, possibly December where we’ll be able to walk around for a few hours.

Until my next journal entry,


13 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Packing up!

    1. Yep. Had to lower the price though. Hopefully they are approved this week so we can proceed with the contract. There are lots and lots of things to there! Yes, we’d have a great time! Any of my friends are welcomed! 😀

  1. Good luck on your move to “the springs”! I love Colorado Springs as my best friend and his family live out there. I haven’t visited him in a long time. When I read your post about seeing the mountains and smelling the crisp air, it brought back fond memories of when I first visited. When you’re all settled in, check out Manitou Springs, Cripple Creek, Boulder and Denver of course!

    I’m happy for you and wish you the best of luck.

    1. I’m so sorry for just getting back to you! Oops! Yes, indeed, we will be making Colorado our new home and we are both very happy about it too! I didn’t expect Colorado either…it just kind of happened. From what I gathered, the air is very clean and fresh. Are you buried in the snow over there???

      1. no…i am in the wee hills now…out of the mountains, so no, just dodging bullets of snow, not mountains of it. if you are in a clean snow area (watch out where them huskies go and don’t you eat that yeller snow), you will have to learn how to make real ice cream with snow and ice….

  2. Hey Cid, I hope you and AB are doing well. The year is going by so fast, it’s surreal! Did you catch the latest episode of TWD? It’s muy delicia, and I’ll bet a giraffe the mid-season finale will go out with the bangs!

    1. Hey Philip! Dude. I miss your TWD weekly blogs. 😦 Why the hiatus? 😛 AB and I are good. We are officially driving cross country Dec. 20th to Colorado. We’ll make it there just in time for Christmas. It will be so beautiful experiencing Christmas in Colorado Springs, especially with those mountains in the background. Nothing like living in a postcard!! The year did go by fast. I’m ready for it to be over though. 2015 should be simply amazing! Haha. Yeah, that epic skull bashing move Daryl made was so crazy! Ab and I were, like, EWW! Even the spine was still moving around–gross, gross!! The melted zombies? Yuck! I’m so over Dawn the cop and Father Gabriel. I’m anxiously waiting for their demise. They are getting on my nerves….. thoughts????

      1. Good you’re all well! Yeah, Daryl almost got bit reaching trying to reach for the eyes. It was so great to return to the city! Gave me season one nostalgia =]]

        Doing something a bit different: new IMHO blog!

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