12,095 feet up in the mountains!


See those mountains off in the distance? We had to go through them to get to Aspen. Driving along this road and seeing those majestic mountains in front of us made me very excited and brought back to mind why I find mountains so fascinating. Down where I was born in the jungles of Brazil, we had hills off in the distance covered with trees. The first time I really saw mountains was when my mom and I went to Colorado when I was 17 years old. I briefly remember my time there such as feeling the lack of oxygen and feeling breathless. I remember it was cloudy and very cold, but that was it. I thought the mountains back then were cool, but nothing like the ones I was going to see this day. Part of me was thinking, “How are we going to pass over those mountains? They are so big!”


See that tiny snake like winding road below? We came from there. I remember when we were driving down there looking up to where I am (standing to take this picture) and thinking, “Wow, we will be up soon!” The roads leading up the mountains were narrow and scary! But, that is what made it fun! After the bridge that was suspended high up in the air, I could handle snake like narrow roads with no rails along the side of the road! There were many points in the roads going up the mountains that if you were not careful of driving, you could end up rolling OFF THE MOUNTAIN! The drivers coming the opposite way (from Aspen) had the unfortunate luck of being on the left side closest to the cliff! This road is not for the faint of heart!


From this view point, you can see the road we’ll be on in a few minutes. But can you see that cliff drop off?


I love this picture. Once we arrived at our location “Independence Pass”, there is a trail you can walk on. On our way up there, it was snowing! Good thing we wore jackets and wore hats, I mean, we were on a mountain after all! This trail looks like it goes straight to the heavens.


Simply amazing. By this time, I was mesmerized by where I was. I was taking it all in.


Love the reflection of the sun on that lake. This picture is on my phone as my background picture. I show it to everybody and tell them I was up there. 🙂


This photo is special to me. When I took this picture, I was thinking of my mom. It’s almost like I can reach through the clouds and caress her cheeks or try to hold her hand for a few seconds. My mom’s presence is always with me in everything I do, but for that small moment, I felt like I was so close to her-up in the clouds. Simple picture, yes, but it speaks volumes to me on a personal level. I miss my mom. They say when you’re on a mountain and you see the majesty of how big the mountains are compared to how small one is, a lot of things come to mind. There are a lot of thoughts that run through your mind when you’re on top of the world.


Coming up here was one of my favorite things I got to do while visiting Colorado. Something tells me, this won’t be the last I’ll be up here because, after all, I will be moving here next month (not this mountain, I mean Colorado Springs). I’m already in love with the mountains and I already feel like Colorado is my home. There are so many fun things I’ll be doing and experiencing once we move here that I can’t wait to share them with you!

Below is a quick video of Independence Pass. For more information, check out the official website. http://www.independence-pass.com/

And this next video I did just for fun. What happened was that we ran into a very foggy area in the mountain that appeared spooky. This was on another day and we were trying to find the wolf sanctuary, but our GPS on our phones were not working because of our location. We kept driving and driving, but got more lost as we went deeper into the mountain. We decided to finally turn around at one point and head back to sunlight and civilization.

This clip is of us finally coming out of the mountain.

As we were driving, having no internet on our phones and feeling helpless if anything happened up there, I thought adding creepy music to this short clip would be kinda fun. I always thought I’d be a good suspense filmmaker. The end is what was creepiest. Just the fact that there was vast amounts of land on both sides and anything could have run from out of nowhere and attached themselves to our car was enough to get my imagination into overload. Haha.

7 thoughts on “12,095 feet up in the mountains!

    1. I’m excited! A new chapter in my life and we are beyond thrilled at a fresh start. It feels like a different world though. It’s hard to explain….a paradise place of some sorts.. if you will. That’s as close as I can describe it. We’ll rent until June 2015 in Colorado Springs, then buy a home in a different town by next summer. We are particularly interested in Vail; it’s very European looking and my son fell in love with the charming village town (and that was at night, imagine if it was during the day!).

    1. Yes, I actually imagine that all the time…hehe. Small…not quite so much. 😛 Silent Hill. Never seen it. Now you’ve got me very curious. Is it a horror film? Can Adventure Boy watch it too? We had seen “The Mist” and talked about it as we were lost in the fog. The Mist wasn’t scary because we laughed at it for half of the time, but it was interesting. We like suspense movies, but gory horror films is not on our list. Speaking of gory….thoughts on Gareth eating Bob’s foot on the latest TWD episode? I didn’t realize it was his foot! Will you write your weekly episodes again????????

      1. I missed it here, need to drop in more often. That Gareth, lol. I wanted to see how he and his group managed to end up that way. They were prisoners like Rick. I can assume they were so hungry so… kinda makes you think ‘what would I do in their position?’ At least Bob had the last laugh!

        Silent Hill is a good one, the first one. It’s more disturbing than gory. Youtube should help in deciding factor. As for reviews, I need to catch up =]]

        Now, why wasn’t Carol with Daryl in the last ep???

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