Garden of the Gods, Cliff Dwellings & Royal Gorge Bridge

Hello my dear friends,

So I just came back from a 4 day mini vacation to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I faced two of my biggest fears while being there-the fear of heights and of flying once again. The last time I was on a plane was in 1997 when my mom and I went to Brazil. I’ve flown over 58 times in my life on airplanes, but after September 11th, I got scared. But I knew I had to get on that plane to get my destination and nothing was going to stop me. The flight to Colorado Springs was horrible. I had eaten a very creamy broccoli and cheese soup at the airport and since I am lactose intolerant, I had stomach pains for about 14 hours afterwards. Luckily, I listened to two of my favorite songs, one being Jason Mraz’s song called “The Remedy” and Adam Clayton’s “Mission: Impossible” by U2 on my little ipod each time the plane took off and my nerves were calmed down. Mission Possible! The last thing I needed was the fear of flying somewhere to stop me. Lol. The second trip from St. Paul to Denver was turbulent for 2 hours straight and I was in agony. Oh, did I mention I had missed my flight too from Philadelphia to St. Paul? So, there we sat for 4 hours at the Philadelphia International Airport until the next plane came. Overall, it was not a good day and we were so tired when we arrived.


Luckily, the trip back from Denver was perfect and flawless. Thank you Delta airlines for bumping us to first class on the way to Philadelphia. We had the best seats and so much leg room. The above picture was taken flying from Denver to Cincinnati, Ohio.


My view every morning of Pikes Peak as I sipped hot tea (Orange Blossom Hibiscus) on the patio. Words can’t describe how looking at that mountain made me feel. When I see mountains I always think, “I’m going to get up to the top.” The first few days I felt a headache due to the elevation, but one aspirin and I was good. One thing I did clearly notice was how blue the skies were in Colorado. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky because here in NJ, it’s not as blue.


The next day, we went to check out Garden of the Gods.




This rock is called “The Kissing Camel”. Look closely.



Driving around Garden of the Gods was spectacular and breathtaking. We took a small picnic to one of the many picnic tables and enjoyed the sounds of nature. Garden of the Gods is truly a magical place and seeing the rock formations was mesmerizing. If you ever come to Colorado Springs, come check out this place. You won’t regret it. Oh and to add to the magical feel of the place, put on some Bach or Beethoven as you drive around.












Buildings that appear to yell at you.





Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspended bridge in the United States. Where do you take someone like me who is terrified of heights to to face their fear-the Royal Gorge Bridge, of course!

As I walked up to see the bridge off in the distance, I thought to myself, “You want me to cross that? It’s so high and long!” But even thought I was feeling like a total chicken, I wanted bragging rights to tell people I walked across the highest suspended bridge in the US.




I stood facing the bridge. It was me against the bridge. No, it was me against my fear of heights. A face off. And I was going to win this one, albeit it was going to be a battle. I proceeded to walk across and suddenly felt the sway of the bridge and the feel of only the wooden planks holding me. Only 10 steps into the bridge and I was already hyperventilating and wanted to turn around and run back to safe ground, but I didn’t. I continued to walk forward. I saw several pets walking across the bridge and they seemed fine. But then again, they didn’t know they were suspended on a bridge almost 1,000 feet above ground. Poor Adventure Boy. I was holding on to his arm almost squeezing my son’s arm possibly cutting off any circulating. Just kidding. Adventure Boy looked below and said, “Look mom! You can see all the way down through the cracks in the wood!” Thanks. That made me feel so much better! The bridge would sway and move up and down slightly, but to me it felt like a huge sway and a huge tidal wave movement.


See? I made it halfway there! A picture to prove I was in the middle of the bridge. This was the most terrifying thing I have ever done. My fear of heights was not cured, but I know I can do things if I can put my mind to it and I will get through it. I never wanted to run so fast to the other side as I wanted to that day. But I had to pace myself.


They had all the State Flags along the bridge which took my mind off of my fear for a little bit. Guess where New Jersey was? All the way across the other end!! Did they know I was coming and moved it to the other end so I would have to walk across it to see it?



Funny, after I successfully crossed the bridge and got to the other side I breathed a sigh of relief only to be quickly reminded I had to cross it again to get to the car. While I rested on a rock, I observed people on a swing on the side of the cliff. The ride was named the world’s scariest skycoaster called Royal Rush Skycoaster. You can read more about it on the official website below. Kudos to those who went on that ride because you have to be absolutely insane to do that. Anyways, I was able to calm down and actually take the time to stop and take a picture of the valley below. This was on the way back and my nerves were too shot and tired to feel fear anymore that I was able to get close to the railing and take this picture.

Here is the website where you can read up more about the Royal Gorge Bridge. If you ever get a chance, go check it out and see how you feel as you cross it! We had a great time at all the places mentioned above and made some fun memories too! Our other travels included Aspen and Vail, but by the time we drove there, it was very dark so those two places are for a future post! The next few months will be travel blogging posts.


7 thoughts on “Garden of the Gods, Cliff Dwellings & Royal Gorge Bridge

  1. Isn’t C-Springs wonderful! … The view of Pikes Peak from the airport is outstanding! I recall my trips to Garden of the Gods because (to me), it seems like I could be on another planet! … Glad you were able to deal with your flying fear … so cheers to a successful trip … and to think you were so close as the Cincinnati airport is only 35 miles away.

    1. YES!! I love Colorado Springs! We went to check it out before we officially move there next month (so excited!) I know….I miss Pikes Peak so much. We didn’t have time to go up there, but when we do, I”ll be sure to take many pictures. I have mountain pictures coming up, but it’s of another mountain. 🙂 Garden of the Gods was so magical. It truly was. I know I’ll be going there a lot. 🙂 We were only at the airport for literally 20 minutes before we boarded our next plane to Philadelphia. Facing my fear of heights was good for me. Now when I’m high on a bridge, I chuckle and think, ‘Pfff! I got this! This is NOTHING compared to the bridge I was on earlier!” and hence, I go on with my life with heights. 🙂 I believe we must all face our fears at some point in our lives, yes?

      1. Oh my … moving to C-Springs. Congrats. I must of missed it, and the reason? … and once you are there, you’ll have numerous opportunities to go to the top of Pikes Peak!

    1. Thank you! We had a lovely time and everybody we met in Colorado was super friendly too! So happy we’ll be calling Colorado “home” very, very soon! I now have bragging rights of crossing that bridge! It was so scary! 🙂

    1. I was standing on the patio of where I was staying and sipping hot tea looking at Pikes Peak…and thought to myself, “I could so get used to this! Oh wait! I’ll be doing this next month for real!” 😛

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