American Dream Vacation

Emma from asked me what my dream vacation would be, what I would see and what ride I would use. So, here is my entry.




I would start off by flying into Sacramento International Airport to be in the California side of Lake Tahoe at 8 AM in the morning to make the best of the day. Once off the plane, I would already have a white SUV car waiting for me at the airport to take me to the activities I would have planned. How would I have a white SUV waiting for me at the airport you may ask? Well, beforehand, I would have gone to and have signed up for their peer to peer service, which means instead of paying huge prices to rent a car for a few days, it means you rent a car from a suitable and reliable person who is willing to rent out their car for your use during your stay. Once you sign up, you check out your list of available cars, depending on what you will be doing and the kind of terrain you will use during your stay. I would want a SUV due to it being sporty and specious car to haul around the things I would be doing during the day. There are many choices of cars to choose from, so it’s totally up to you of what kind of car you want for the time you need to rent it. Once you choose your car, you follow the directions of what to do next at to meet up with the person who is renting out their car to your. After fully inspecting the car you are about to rent out, you are on your way to a fabulous journey in a car that just saved you more cash in your pocket than what you would have had if you had rented out a more expensive rental from a corporation. For more valuable information on airport rentals near an airport near you, please go to

Our first stop would be Tributary White Water Tours just to get some water adventure. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love water and white water rafting, so this would be a no brainer for us to enjoy for a few hours.

photo credit: All Lake Tahoe

Next, because I’m a girl who loves to shop, I’d head over to The Shops at Heavenly Village to see what they have. According to their website, they have eclectic shops, delicious foods and concert series, so we would walk around for 2 hours.

photo credit: Plan My Getaway

After dropping off my purchases and wanting to hit the waters once again, we’d go on a Kayak Tahoe tour. Kayaking is one of my favorite things to do. I feel so close to water, nature and it’s so peaceful. There is no feeling like it. This comes from kayaking all my life down in Brazil in a canoe and also a kayak when I was in grade school at a local lake. There were water snakes in the lake (this was in Brazil) and my kayak mysteriously starting sinking in the middle of the lake and I had to hold on to a friend’s kayak until we got back on shore. Had I known there were creepy water snakes in the lake, I would have literally ran on water and gotten on land in a historical 4 seconds. But, I know there aren’t any creepy black water snakes in Lake Tahoe, right? The water is so clear and gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to go kayaking before sunset?

Photo credit: Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort

After staying at a hotel, we’d return the car back at the airport that afternoon the next day. That my friends, would be one of my dream vacations here in the USA.

5 thoughts on “American Dream Vacation

  1. Awesome Vacation choice my friend. Tahoe is my favorite place on the planet that I have been to. I get there at least once or twice a year mainly for the cycling, but love it all. Such an awe inspiring place. Hope you get there and the rivers are running high for you when you do. They are woefully affected by the drought at the moment.

    1. I’ve never been to Tahoe, but the pictures I’ve seen from it are stunning! Hopefully, soon I’ll be going there and taking pictures. Any suggestions of when to go and where to stay? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my friend!

      1. I would recommend late spring early summer. After the snow melt but while the mountain wildflowers are still in bloom. I typically am there in early august and it is beautiful then too. Of course this is Tahoe. ALWAYS beautiful. Where to stay depends on your interests. Night life is better on south shore (Nevada side so gambling is legal) but I prefer North Shore as that is where the cabin we have access is located. I am not much for the Nevada night life so I prefer to be on the California side. Lots to do and see wherever you end up. I hope you do get a chance to go soon.

  2. Your car rental sounds like a metaphor for selecting the perfect groom, lol. “…I would have literally ran on water and gotten on land in a historical 4 seconds.” LMAO, I really get jittery about snakes, too!

    1. Haha! I’ll have to reread it then because I never saw it that way! 😛 Groom qualification for Cid: NO FACIAL HAIR!!!!!! He must not be a womanizer, but fun, goofy, friendly, world traveler and extremely intelligent!! Yeah. Snakes scare me. Imagine…snakes on a bridge?! 😛

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