Haiti 2014 vacation video

Hey guys!

I know it’s taking me forever to post all my vacation pictures and videos, but here is a video from our trip to Haiti. We went on the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship “Explorer of the Seas” this past July. On this trip, we chose the Malfini Castaway Beach for three hours, which I specifically wanted for privacy and seclusion. We spent 3 hours just swimming in the warm waters and never sat on the beach during those 3 hours. Later, we went to Labadee and just walked around. We rode the Dragon Tail coaster several times and watched the zip liners above us. I wish we had more time there, but Haiti is a place we truly enjoyed ourselves at. The people are beautiful, friendly and sweet.

You will see some familiar shots where I took the pictures from in my previous blog post before this one. 🙂 One of my favorite pictures is the Cabana photo. In the video, you can see the cabanas and the curtains billowing in the wind. Total bliss.

You can change the quality of the video by changing it to either 480p or 360p on YouTube. I had trouble uploading this video on Vimeo for some reason, so I had to use YouTube for this video.

13 thoughts on “Haiti 2014 vacation video

    1. It was incredibly relaxing!! It was the medicine I needed for my tired soul. I felt refreshed afterwards. I loved Explorer of the Seas. Too bad it has had to move down to Florida for repairs. They have the newest ship now here in NJ.


    1. I know!! 🙂 I took about 45 minutes of our day in Haiti, but I had to drastically condense it for my blog post. But the small video clips that I didn’t include in the video, I like to watch ever so often. 🙂


  1. I never tire of the sound of the sea; soooo relaxing. 😉
    I would definitely love the Dragon Tail coaster; what great fun that would be.
    So pleased both you and Adventure Boy enjoyed your holiday.
    Nothing like the sea to calm and soothe.


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