Vacation: Puerto Rico 2014


We had a very short time in Puerto Rico. After coming off the ship, we were hit with a very humid atmosphere, however, the organization of where people had to go for their excursions were much more organized than other places. Once in our little mini bus, Adventure Boy and I sat at the very front. Our tour guide was nice and talkative.


This was a walkway to the Information Center. Very Jurassic Park-esque.


Tall trees in the jungle! Just trees we saw on our walk through the jungle. It was great to see Adventure Boy experience a hot jungle. It will prepare him and give him a little taste of what Brazil is like. Hehe.


This is a waterfall. Without so much the water. Perhaps we came during a drought? I think so yes. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful to see and once again, I did have to rock climb to get this picture. It does seem far way, but it was quite a interesting journey to just get close to the waterfall. Believe it or not, climbing all over the rocks in my sandals was not exactly fun like the time I did in Bermuda.







The capital building. Puerto Rico was nice and we learned a lot from our tour guide. I just wished our time there wasn’t so short.

VIDEO COMING SOON! Please check back to see when I post up the video portion of this blog. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Vacation: Puerto Rico 2014

  1. I must apologize for being so far behind in my blog reading. I am trying to catch up today.
    It has been many years since I visited Puerto Rico. I stayed for a couple of weeks in Mayaguez. It was less touristy and my brother lived there at the time. It was wonderful and your beautiful pictures remind me of how much I loved it.

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