Vacation: Haiti 2014

Dear Haiti,

Thank you for your hospitality. Your warmth of your tour guides, the beauty of your country and the healing waters of your ocean exceeded my expectations. We both loved it so much and hopefully will return again in the near future.


This is the beautiful cruise ship that took us to all four countries. This was the view from our boat that took us to Malfini Beach, a private Royal Caribbean cast away beach. If you ever go on this cruise, I highly recommend going to this beach. It is well worth it and you’ll fall in love with it.


This was a fun picture to take.



It was funny, while Adventure Boy and I were swimming, we saw this boat come to the beach. Our hosts on the beach, local Haitians, had ordered take out. You can see one of the tour guides picking up the food. The boat later turned around and left. Did they get Chinese? Greek? I bet it was a delicious Haitian cuisine. Once on the beach, we were served a special punch that tasted amazing. No lunch was served because that was going to be on Labadee Island after our 3 hour time on Malfini Beach ended.


Our mats. We had the best time on them!





A yacht on the beautiful waters of Haiti? Yes please!

Look at the water! I couldn’t take my eyes off of the colors of the water. The water was so warm and calm…and clear! Floating on my back, closing my eyes and feeling the sunshine on my face was one of the best feelings in the world. I let everything that caused me stress go and allowed the waters to just gently caress me. Basically, we spent 3 wonderful hours swimming and exploring the sea life under us.



After spending 3 amazing hours at Malfini Beach, we were then whisked away on a boat to Labadee Island where we had a delicious lunch. The cords you see in the background are the lines for the zip line. I thought about going on it, but decided it was funnier and better to watch others scream their heads off as they descended. I, on the other hand, just sipped on my pina colada as I laid back on my chair enjoying the view in front of me. The picture below is my view.


Cabanas! They are the reason why I want this type of bed in the future. I should have rented out one, but thought of that way too late.

VIDEO COMING SOON! Please check back to see if it has been posted. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “Vacation: Haiti 2014

  1. Oh little sister what a fantastic post of Haiti. I miss the beauty of the island and I thank you for letting me see the gorgeous waters that are breathtaking. Labadee beach is my favorite place in Haiti, and the people are so beautiful….


    1. I knew I’d love Haiti even before I went there. Sometimes I just “know” and I was correct. The moment I stepped on land, I fell in love. Your country is simply stunning and the people incredibly beautiful! There is a video I’ll be posting up soon where the last scene is of a group dancing as we head towards the ship. The music is very similar to Brazilian music too. Thanks for your comment Sophie! 🙂


  2. Wow…wish I had been there. I would have looked much better sitting on the beach next to you. Maybe next time we could go as “living history pirates” on the cruise…for free tickets…what do you think, lass? Or, would I just be a barnacle on the leeward side?


    1. Well, I am working on the video part of the Haiti vacation. I was just looking at some clips the other night. I have to find time to put them all into one whole video and then post them on here. I really do miss Haiti. Such a nice country and extremely beautiful. 🙂 The Malfini Beach was extremely peaceful and I wanted to stay there forever. I really did. I didn’t spend much time on the beach, but rather swimming in the water for 3 hours with Adventure Boy. What’s a “living history pirate”? Lol. 😛


  3. Wonderful snaps you took! Adventure boy must have had a great time, too. I’ll check back later to see if you’ve posted the video. For now I’ll just lounge about here thinking of long beaches, blue water and Haitian food.. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much my lovely friend! So fun to have you here! We did have a great time and hopefully plan to return sometime in the far future. We have Bermuda and England for next summer and then perhaps Europe and Brazil the year after. Wait until you see the video! It’s so tranquil and peaceful. I have to edit and post all the small clips of videos into one big video and post it on here. My time is just so limited these days. Are you on twitter by any chance? I tend to post on there more lately. Hugs


      1. Can’t wait to see it, I know it will be spectacularly beautiful.
        No, I’m currently only on WP, which is really all I have the time for. We are all so time poor these days.
        Though I love connecting with you here…!


    1. Awww, my pleasure Michelle. 🙂 I love sharing my adventures to my subscribers and readers. In the next year, I’ll be posting TONS of new adventures and pictures since Adventure Boy and I will be moving to Colorado. Colorado is gorgeous; so much to do there!! Btw. I am backed up too. I need to catch up on your blogs too. I’ve just been very busy.


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