10 thoughts on “Let them love you

    1. Me too. The problem for me is the different types of “light”. LOL. Some are fluorescent and bring light, but really are just a filler. Other are like candles, they light you, but flicker now and then-they are not dependable and can blow out in an instant. It is not quality light. The best kind of light is the natural one. Natural light provides the best rays of bright light. You can benefit from those. If you catch my drift. 😛 Haha.


        1. I do put a lot of metaphors in my blogs. 🙂 It’s always great to meet and have friends who “get” me. Sometimes my mind is too complicated for me to understand. Lol. There are all types of light in this world. Some dull. Some way, way too bright. But the natural light is the best because it’s real. It’s natural and isn’t too forceful or too weak.


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