JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 16-20


It’s been a very tough few weeks with the demands of work. Luckily, things are back to normal and I am not stressing out anymore. I have more time to relax in the evenings and catch up on blog posts from all you wonderful bloggers out there. Thank you to my newest subscribers-you are great and so talented in what you share on your blogs! Keep up the great job!


Oop. Forgot about that period at the end of the explanation point! Doh. Anyways, so I’m so proud of my baby. He’s growing up so fast. I’m entering a new territory of the teen years with chaperoning and taking a girl to the movies with my son. He invited her, but they are just bestfriends. So, it was not really a date.

He probably doesn’t want me to tell you this, but when we picked her up, he opened the car door for her (I can’t remember the last time a guy did that for me). They sat in the back and giggled and talked the entire way to the movie theater. Of course, being the ever careful mom that I am, I would sneak a peek in the rear view mirror at a red light to observe them. They acted like brother and sister. So impressed by him opening the car door for her (he’s only 13), I gently asked him to walk her to the door when we dropped her off. He did. Even if he might have let out a huge sigh, at least his friend will get a taste of what it should be like to have a guy safely walk a girl to the door. I need to go on dates again. Now that I am single. I love having the car door opened for me, although I have been known to dash to my side of the car before a guy can open the car door. Haha. I’m Miss Independent.


This happens everyday. It’s always good to listen to how my son’s day was. Sometimes he has some funny stories or he just likes to make me laugh and will embellish a bit.


And….other times I just get entertainment.


The past few weeks we have been painting my mom’s house. I chose a neutral color and it looks very nice! It gives me an excuse to be down at her house and spruce up her home. I think she would have liked the painting. I’m still hoping someone buys it very soon so I can just go on with my life.



I know everybody and their dog is obsessed with that (shudder) Frozen song “Let it Go’, but not I! I am instead obsessed with that Once Upon a Dream song. Guitar? Check. Know how to play a single note on it? Uh. Nope. My mom was teaching me, but alas she is no longer here. So…. I just have to teach myself. I want to be able to play like this guy below. In fact, it was him playing this song that got me inspired to pick up my guitar. If I can’t learn to play this song on my guitar, I hope someone can play it for me. Would be nice. And romantic.

Video credit: Adrian Holovaty


In other news, next Wednesday is my birthday! I’m hoping to take the day off from work.


I think someone will bake me a cake.


Hopefully, from all the candles on my cake, we won’t need a fire extinguisher.


Finally, we both have been doing a 30 day planking challenge this month. I ordered a 10 pound kettlebell from Amazon and am looking forward to using it. I’ve heard great things about it and have chosen a workout that I think is best suited for me.

Until next time my darlings. xoxo

17 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 16-20

  1. Amanda, I adore your posts, and your gorgeous son..!
    My daughter has three boys and, like you is busy teaching them how best to treat the female variety. How cute they are; young boys, I mean. So eager to learn, and so very capable of doing so, given the best education.
    Happy birthday for next week. Here’s hoping adventure boy has lots of cuddles and kisses for you.
    I’d say, from your writing; you are ‘moving on’. Love never dies. They always remain in our hearts; and yours is large enough to store oodles and oodles of memories of love…

    1. Investments, for one. There are other reasons that I could mention, but won’t due to privacy. I’ve lived in many different homes with my mom, but the sad fact is that NJ is very expensive to live in. There are some beach homes I am looking at that I can afford, but can’t think seriously about them until her house sells. I would love to live overseas too.

      1. Overseas…anywhere. Maybe by a beach. Who knows. It’s just an idea I am open to. The beach is so soothing and relaxing. It fits more my personality. I’ve always considered myself a beach girl anyways. 😀

    1. Thank you Michelle! 😀 I’m trying to get myself pumped to play this song. Then I realize I need to really know how to play a note. LOL. One day Michelle, one day. 😀

  2. jackdeth72

    Happy Birthday, Java Girl!

    It seems that we will have to arrange for the tailoring of a new Super Heroine outfit. With an appropriately brimmed chapeau and a trench coat to disguise your identity.

    1. Thank you so much Jackdeth72! Your comment made me smile and it warmed my soul. I’ve been feeling a bit down and knowing someone thinks I am worthy of a super hero outfit makes me feel great! Lol. 🙂 Your comments are always appreciated! Btw. I love trench coats!

    1. Thank you! I do my best. I think making sure your child loves, respects and is true to her/him self is extremely important. Without feeling or believing in those things within oneself, you can’t help or take care of others unless you take care or help yourself first. I strongly believe in that. You gave such a huge compliment. Thank you. 😀

    1. Awww, thank Dawn! I try my best. I’ve had some positive experiences from some guys I’ve dated in the past who treated me like gold and I also have positive male role models in my life growing up. Don’t think it’s just me keeping an eye on him. HE also has high standards for any guy who takes me out. He tends to like the outgoing, funny and friendly guys. 😀

      1. Your son is RIGHT! The outgoing, FUNNY and friendly are the guys you want! I adore a man who makes me laugh, they don’t have to spoil me, just make me laugh is all I ask!!!! 😉 Your son is growing up the Right way sissy!

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