21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

    1. BEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????!!!!!! Did Loki lock you up or something?? LOL. Dude, I have missed your comments! Haha. You and your work. Glad to see your bitterness hasn’t disappeared. 😛 I’ll be stopping by your page with a turbo blaster of glitter! Ha.

      1. No you haven’t. Where are all your comments then in my previous blogs? 😛 I wasn’t seeing your feed on my reader. I would never ignore my bitter friend! I only care about my dearest friends…except those who cheat on me and send me mean emails. 😛

      2. I have never sent you an email, or cheated on you, so I must not be a deer friend. Of course, I’m not a deer, and you treat my bitter blog with glitter, so I know you are clearly not on my side. Ruuuudde! 🙂

  1. When drawing my cartoons I could never figure out how to portray night times. Darken the colors? Well it still did not look like night. Or a dark blue sky with stars? That sort worked. But finally I came up with a satisfactory idea. Eliminate color, just do black and white and invert as you have done – ah, excellent result.

    1. Your comics are fun! Yes, sometimes inverting pictures takes a dazzling effect. I want to see those night cartoons. Btw. Every time I see your name, I can’t help but to think of one of my favorite DJs. His name is DJ D’Agostino. Hehe.

  2. There’s some unique quality of seeing water in photos or in slow-motion dripping/splashing. It’s refreshing! Now can’t say the same when it comes to drinking it. I prefer soda.

    TWD has plans for seven more seasons–12 total! I don’t know how I feel about that. They could do more harm than good by dragging it.

    1. What was fun is that I inverted the picture at the very last second. I did it just because I was going through some filters and liked how it looked. It gave me an idea for a big picture I want to do with water dropping down. I want to blow it up and hang it in one of the rooms of a future home I plan to buy. Soda!! I rarely drink that anymore. 😛 7 more seasons? WOW. As long as Daryl remains alive, people will watch. Lol. People love Daryl! I’m going to take my huge TWD book on my cruise in a few weeks. I can’t wait! July will be full of new changes. I think. Or maybe that’s August.

      1. I’ll email you my final shot. I have to get the right rag for it. I need all the water to fall down enough to stretch from one end of the picture to the other.

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