Beethoven’s Love Letter

Immortal Beloved from JavaGirl on Vimeo.

I love reading poems,especially the romantic ones such as this. I tried to imagine how it would have sounded like if she had read the letter out loud after receiving it. I imagined reading it as if this letter was written to me by one of the greatest composers who ever graced us with his music. I think it’s a sweet letter; one of love and longing.

9 thoughts on “Beethoven’s Love Letter

    1. Thank you! I was grinning. 🙂 I had to keep my composure so it wouldn’t be ruined by me laughing at the very end. 😛 I made this video for myself…to remind me that there are people out there who will love you unconditionally. Whether near or far. That is true devotion. It’s not fun being single again. 😦

    1. I know. I own it. That movie is depressing and deep. I can only see it once a year. Gary Oldman is amazing as Beethoven though. In the movie came a letter that says on front “To My Immortal Beloved” and you can open it up and read the part of the letter I read here. You can also watch the movie for free at Free Films dot org. 🙂

    1. Lol…oh believe me, I was grinning ear to ear. Do you have a suggestion for a future poem I should read? Please let me know. I’d love to know your thoughts. Thank you for the compliment. It warms my heart.

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