Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art



I pass this wall of a store on a side of a road most of the week and it has evaded my camera all these months until today. Mosaic wall art always fascinated me because of two things: the time it takes to create it and how you have to actually think as you create it. I only say “think” because you have to see where a piece goes and how it fits to the next piece. When I oil paint, I let my mind wander and be lazy; it’s extremely relaxing. I don’t want to strategize where what goes and why, albeit, I would certainly entertain the idea of creating a mosaic someday soon.

The contrast between the softness of the plants, the organic texture of the little stool against the colorful yet hard pieces of the mosaic wall behind it, was too much for me not to take a picture. I could easily slip into a metaphoric rant right now, but I’ll save it for later. Maybe.

After I took these pictures, some guy across the street sitting in a truck was staring me down. He was waiting for someone, I suppose. I stared back, not in a friendly way either. We had a stare down! I held my ground! I almost said something like “What is your problem?” I only had to look away to look to get into my car or else I’d trip and make a fool out of myself. Other than that, I had a good day because Jersey guys always open doors for us ladies no matter where we go and the guy at Wawa gas station pumped my gas (I’ve been having problems with my gas gauge; it keeps clicking and I have to stand there and hold the pump). It’s true in New Jersey, we don’t pump our own gas-we have people that do that for us (gasp). We are one spoiled bunch of people here. Anyways, so for the past 8 months, I’ve been pumping my own gas, especially if the guys are busy attending to other cars. I don’t mind it-really. Sometimes, I’ll have to play argue with them in saying it’s fine if I stand outside and pump my own gas because they are determined to do it for me. How did I get into talking about gasoline?!

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. That mosaic is lovely. The little spot with the table and plants and mosaic in behind brought to mind Greece. I dob’t know why. I’ve never been there, but I could imagine sitting by this spot in the sun all day long reading, chatting or perhaps playing a board game with some friends.

    1. Good morning Michelle! Yes, it does look like Greece. It reminds me of a lot of Brazil too. Brazilians love plants so they put them outside by their wall, a simple display. It’s a calming picture for sure. I’ll take a ginger blossom tea with that, please. 🙂

  2. I’m surprised you have not been arrested for pumping your gas. It must be because you are so beautiful. Or fierce looking. Why else would no one comment on it?

    As one who experienced Jersey longer than I had planned to, I learned firsthand – via lecture- that this was not being nice to women but a requirement of men. Also, driving a woman everywhere. This is particularly stupid if the man moved to Jersey and has never driven in the country’s most aggressive driving state. The first time I drove in suburban Jersey I almost crapped my pants…until I was told by my wife to “drive as fast as possible.”
    That helped…except when accidentally driving past the toll booth.

    PS I paid all of my fines and hers too. 🙂

    1. You should see the traffic heading down to the shore. It is bumper to bumper and such a mass exodus from city folks wanting to bake in the sun in our State. During the summer, I love seeing how all the drivers come from all the way across the US such as Oregon or across the border like Canada. I saw one car from Hawaii?! I thought I wasn’t seeing right! But yes, they can be aggressive at times. I take the back roads when I go to the shore. My idea of a nice, long and lazy drive is driving through the farmland and quiet woods of Southern Jersey instead of the insane highway everyone else takes. 😛 There is a section in South Jersey which is a total maze. The streets have no name only numbers to identify them. So I had no idea where I was and farmland was everywhere. You can get lost so easily in the deep bowels of South Jersey. After 1.5 hours, I got back to civilization. Lol.

    1. Yes. I also microsketch, which is tedious and extremely time consuming….but oh so enjoyable to look at after I’m finished. I remember one time when I was in 6th grade I think I sent the actor Chad Allen (who was in the show Our House at the time) an oil painting I did of night sky in Brazil. I sent it to him all the way from Brazil and I got a very sweet response from him. Lol. I give my paintings away and rarely keep them. I guess I should keep one of them for myself. It’s been way too many years……

      1. Hmm. I researched ‘microsketching’ to see if it was what I was thinking and it wasn’t. Microsketch as in using just a black fine point pen or pencil and sketching using tiny lines in a back and forth motion. That’s what I love doing, I just don’t have the time anymore. Maybe in three months I will, but who knows. :/

  3. jackdeth72

    Hi, Java Girl:

    Lovely wall mosaic. It reminds me of a high altitude satellite photo of the water table and irrigation system outside Tel Aviv and around the Golan Heights. I think it’s the sharp angles, pastel greens, gold and oranges.

    Very cool looking, either way!

    1. It is. I passed this wall once again today and admired its beauty. I love sharing beautiful things that I see to my friends from all over the world-the feedback gives me the energy to keep shooting pictures. I’ll have to check out that water table and irrigation system you speak of. 🙂

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