Grounds for Sculpture: Part 4


In the 42 acre fantasy land, you will come across many sculptured couples enjoying the outdoors. I couldn’t capture every single one, but they have many interesting people you can interact with (via photographs).


This boat is part of a famous painting.


Captured this man in a secret room/garden by the Peacock Café. There is a chair across from him so you can pretend to play along. All the sculptures are interactive which makes it fun for photos.


Just another view.


Who doesn’t like to hop across a small stream on these rocks?


Just an organic picture. I wanted it to look like something I would hang in my own home.


My son took some pictures and he wanted me to include this one on my blog.


How fun was this frame? I took some good shots of Adventure Boy with this sculpture.


I had a good time taking pictures of this artist.


You can see here what he is painting.


Love this view!


Another view of what he was painting.



I had seen these bright pink flowers on these branches and initially thought they were fake. Looking at them closer, I realized they were real. Maybe I’m sheltered, but I had never seen these types of flowers or blooms on a branch before…at least in clusters. It was fascinating to me!


Breaking up or just saying goodbye before a long travel destination?


A pretty setting. A lot of women sat around the table and had their pictures taken at this one.


A secret garden brought us to this little trail which lead us to this interesting, yet colorful sculpture.


Another trail led us towards this couple in an alley.


I was looking forward to this sculpture all day and was relieve we finally came across it. The map we had had so many dots of sculptures, I didn’t have the patience to look this one up. But I love surprises so that’s what ended up being to us as we turned out heads to the left and noticed another entrance to another garden.


Another view of the men.


This place right here took my breath away. I had seen it on the brochure and vowed to see it in person. This is something you see in movies or some magical mythical place. This garden is cleverly hidden from the rest of the area, but once you enter it you are transported to another world. There were three people in there, but once they left it was only Adventure Boy and I. It was like time stopped. We were in own little world and I first took a few minutes to just enjoy it. I turned around and took everything in. They have many weddings here and from the pictures I’ve seen, it is very magical.




This was hidden and could only be found by a trail.



The Scream is a famous painting and I had taken a picture earlier of one inside a building, but this one was outside of the building (notice the branches). This is the one I posted on instagram on the right side of my blog. Instagram crops everything in sight, so you can’t see the entire picture on there as you can here.


We came across a giant who appeared to be in the process of being swallowed up by New Jersey grass. Poor dude.


If you would like to see this place in person, go to Grounds for Sculpture Official Site

Here are some tips:

If you take a camera that only takes batteries, make sure to take at least 8 batteries, especially if you are a shutterbug like myself.

At the Peacock Café, the food is great! Adventure Boy got a cheeseburger and gave a big thumbs up for it (kid approved). I got a grilled cheese and it was delicious! However, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can ask for a picnic basket and take your food outside to eat on one of the many spacious lawns. There are many picnic tables scattered everywhere and plenty of shade too.

Come early because the crowds start coming at 11 AM. We arrived at 10:15 AM and it allowed us to walk around in the quiet and cool air.

It will take all day to see most of the place. We walked around for 7 hours and still didn’t get to see all of it!

If you can’t walk for that long, they have tours on tram cars which are nice, but you have to call ahead of time to reserve a spot. The only downside of those is that you wouldn’t be able to explore the tiny gardens up the hills, down the hills and enter secret passages here and there.

Other than that, just have fun!

17 thoughts on “Grounds for Sculpture: Part 4

    1. Thank a million Michelle! You’re always so supportive of me and I can’t thank you enough. 🙂 Of course I would share this place with you and others. I love to give and share my experiences. There will be more in the future. Especially in July when we go to 4 countries.

      1. Yes. Bermuda, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and Haiti. I now have the horrible task of reserving activities to do in each country. Just kidding. Once I find the time, I will do that–which should be loads of fun deciding with Adventure Boy. July can’t come fast enough.

    1. Hey girl! So nice of you to stop by and check out my pictures! I’m working on a video of all the videos, but I’m so busy this week. Hopefully, soon I can post it up. I didn’t have enough time to post it up for Mother’s Day. Yes, the boat was very hypnotic. It just gently floated back and forth in the water. I’m glad too. I want to delve into oil painting next month. Another form of relaxing and reflecting. Thanks for always being supportive of my blogs. It means the world to me. 😀

      1. Sounds like you’re having fun learning new things. All forms of craft are great therapy! This is a fact. I work in mental health & have lots of evidence of the reduction in stress, depression etc. Hope u post your art hun. Have fun! 😀

    1. I wondered too, but here’s why it is called that name. You know the children’s book called “Wind in the Willows”? It’s one of my favorite books. 🙂 Anyways, there is a character in there called “Ratty” who was very cultured and threw great parties. There is a sign on one of the doors that says, ‘No cats allowed”. It’s a very cute, cool and hip place to eat. The plates are colorful, the view of the Monet Bridge is romantic (outside) and the food is great (so I hear). I’ll have to find out for myself when I eat there someday. If you go to the Official Website I included in my blog, you can check out the restaurant and see some pictures. Tres very cool. 😀

    1. Me too. Especially the wedding spot. It was a calm and quiet sanctuary. I didn’t want to leave. Thanks for your comment. It made me smile and you know why. 😛

  1. Yep, I can relate to the many batteries comment. certainly looks an interesting place. I love normally crowded places when they are empty too. The masses can distract from an occasion in many ways!

    1. My mom’s camera requires batteries and hers was the last camera I used before we left. I was carrying 3 cameras. I only used my Sony (non battery) camera for the best photos and for some videos too. Yes, the beginning of the day was quiet and serene. It gave the secret gardens a more majestic feel and the sculptures stood out in their own way. I totally understand what you mean. A screaming baby next to you while you admire a sculpture can be distracting! Hey, thanks for stopping by-haven’t heard from you in a while!

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