Grounds for Sculpture: Part One

This blog post is dedicated to my mom. This is my first Mother’s Day without her and I wanted to post some pictures in honor of her and end it on Mother’s Day with a video of my day. I took three cameras with me today and they eventually all died after 7 hours of walking around looking at all the sculptures.

My mom was an artist, singer and musician. We both loved sculptures and classic art including some that you see in the photographs below. She taught me the beauty of the world and I wanted to capture it. Here is part 1. By the way, I took about 500 pictures today and will post everyday some that I find worth posting until Mother’s Day.


This sculpture was huge!


I love the colors and mood this picture holds.


Just a cool metal dude.


I absolutely love this sculpture! I was looking forward to seeing this in person and it didn’t disappoint. This is just cool to look at. For this blog, I had to heavily edit it to make it darker to make it “family friendly” if you know what I mean.


Who doesn’t like the terra cotta color? I love the open space and door that gives you a peek. I love this place!


Optical illusion.


Adventure Boy and I really liked this one. We just stood and watched her. She was mesmerizing. The mist added a mystery about her.


Loved this one. Silver and black always go nice together.


This was a fun little waterfall. Very relaxing just listening to the water rush down. So peaceful.


One of my favorite classic oil painting ever. She was in 3 D inside the museum next to the water garden.



This garden was set with many tables where you could eat your lunch. This is next to The Peacock Café. Thought this was a good picture of a couple. They have 12 peacocks running around and they would go up the tables coyly making their presence.


Cardinals were everywhere. This one didn’t escape my lenses. Or my admiration.


Came across this old man who reminded me of my grandfather.GroundsforSculptureTwoFingersJavaGirlsLife

This piece of art was so soft and peaceful. Would love to have this one in my garden once I buy a house.


The Scream! Exactly how I’ve felt the past six months.


This man has the right idea. Just stop once in a while and reflect out in nature. They have all these realistic sculptures all over the place, I initially thought it was someone off in the distance sitting by the lake. I almost said “excuse me” to a sculpture when I came around a bend.


This is from a famous oil painting I believe. Quite eye catching, yes? This couple can be found on the way to the Rat’s Restaurant in a small pond garden.

I’ll be uploading some more tomorrow. Hopefully. If you are curious to see where I went, please go to the link below. It is called Grounds for Sculpture and I’ve been wanting to go there for 4 years and was so excited to go. We were suppose to go with my mother this year, but sadly that never happened. She was there in spirit. This place is very romantic with hundreds of benches and secret gardens with chairs in them. I saw many couples holding hands and you can even marry at a special place there. More on that in the future with my camera! Next time I’m going to request a picnic basket so I can take it out on the grounds to eat.

You can find out more about Grounds for Sculpture at the link below:

Grounds For Sculpture Official Website


9 thoughts on “Grounds for Sculpture: Part One

    1. It’s fun! I took me six hours to upload, edit and post them last night. I don’t have time unfortunately this week as I thought as I have tons of paperwork to do from work every night. But I will try. If not this week, definitely Friday night and Saturday. It IS a great place! I plan to return again later this summer or maybe Fall. Did you know it took us 7 hours to see 98% of the place? There is still a cool area we didn’t get to.

    1. Yep. 500 photos, but I’m not going to post all of them. :p Thanks! Wait until you see the one with the “muses”. I love that one. So magical…. *sigh*

  1. Diane

    The “old man” you refer to sitting on the bench thatreminded you or your grandfather is none other than Seward Johnson..founder of GFS…and artist of over 100 sculptures currently on display at the park.

    Great selection of pictures..and enjoyed your comments.

    1. Oh wow. Thank you so much! Now I can put a name to the face. What a man. I’m glad I got to pay some type of respect of the man by taking his picture and putting it up on my blog for the world to see. When I go back again (hopefully soon), I will know who he is. Thanks for stopping by Diane!

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