Grounds for Sculpture: Part 2

groundsforsculptureballerina Such a pretty sculpture!


Something about a girl running in a long skirt is boss to me! I just like this one… a lot.


These witches were scary! Even scarier was what was in the boiling pot.


This pathway is pretty popular with photographers. Many married couples or couples have their pictures taken here. Walking down this pathway is very magical. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite childhood stories and this entire place is like a wonderland, filled with hidden pathways, secret gardens and forests. This is just one of them.


This sculpture is from a famous painting. Very cool.


Feeling zen with this one.


Once again, I love this picture.


There were many little tables next to this sculpture from a famous painting. Behind them there is a pond and lots of bamboo trees.

**These pictures were taken with my Nikon camera because my Sony was exhausted.

11 thoughts on “Grounds for Sculpture: Part 2

    1. It’s a relaxing and magical place indeed. They have 12 peacocks running around. They are so cool to look at. Everyone (the staff) were super friendly too.

    1. It’s wonderful. There are still other fun places within the grounds that we need to explore yet that we missed that day. Hopefully soon we will return. 😀

      1. Aww. Thank you my sweet friend. I only take pictures. I wish I had the talent to make a sculpture too. However, mine would look like an ant hill. Lol.

      2. HAHAHA…I think I would be right behind ya with that thought~ My youngest daughter sculpts with clay making her steampunk creations. She brilliant with her craft and I often wonder where she got that talent.

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