Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument




My first official photographs using my new Sony camera! It also feels good and natural to be back to taking pictures.

I was driving around this cemetery and came across this monument. I got out of the car and approached it carefully keeping an eye on the guardian with the lack of both hands. I also wondered what kind of life this person lived to have such an adoration of a monument put on their grave. I noticed some fresh flowers lovingly put on the bowel.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. Cemeteries can be very intriguing and interesting to photograph. There was a time I was putting together a Photo Coffee Table book of cemeteries…a project that went unfinished. That is one huge monument and does make you wonder who it is in honour of.

    1. Cemeteries are fascinating! So many monuments and buildings. Every person there had a unique life once. Do you want to see the other picture I didn’t post? I can show you on twitter. It reminds me of a Mayan monument. It was about 16 feet tall! :O

    1. Me too! I had been so busy the past 5 months. I’ve missed having hours upon hours to just walk around and take pictures. Now, I may find some time now on the weekends. There are great things to come, be on the lookout!

  2. Congratulations on the new sony camera. I’m glad that you are feeling natural taking shots once again.
    These are lovely shots and one would really wonder what a person could have done in a lifetime to deserve such a monument.

    1. Thank you my friend! I’m so happy you stopped by and graced us with your presence! You’ve been a long time blog subscriber and I thank you dearly. Yes, my emotions are like a fledgling learning to soar once again in search of inspiration. Grief takes time and I only want to take pictures that will make people happy or to think. Not be sad. I was wondering the same thing too. They have huge monuments there. One looked like an ancient Mayan temple!!!

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