30 thoughts on “Reading a poem by Shakespeare for you

    1. Bows. Thank you. You know, seeing that comment coming from you is a huge honor. I know you teach Shakespeare to your students. I had to listen to professional readers on Youtube (one of them was a female) to get an idea of the “mood” I should recite it. I had to get into character when I read this poem to portray “the mood” I wanted the listener to grasp. I actually had to record this poem 7 times before I was satisfied. For the word “owest”, I kept wanting to naturally say “oweth” instead. The third or fourth line from the bottom was quite the tongue twister, I had to get the rhythm right or else it would look like I was clearly struggling to say that line smoothly. I hope people understand I don’t talk like that everyday. I was only “in character” as I read the poem for it to make sense. It is kinda romantic, yes? *Sigh* I plan to read more poems and post them here on WordPress.

    1. Haha. You should see my “boyfriend” (you said it, not me) Tom Hiddleston read it on YouTube (Sonnet 18). He reads it like a master, then again, he’s a professional actor. And not my boyfriend. 😦

      1. Me neither. It’s no fun when they have girlfriends or are married. Single guys are the best. More attractive. Once I hear they are taken, it’s “eh” for me.

    1. Hehe. You must have seen Ben’s comments about Tom. Ben is like my older brother—always teasing me about Tom. But I love it! It’s all in good fun. (A girl can dream). “How can I compare thee? To a summer’s day?”

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