My dream last night. What does it mean??

There are dreams where you wake up and you wonder what just happened. This morning was one of those. In fact, my dream was so mind boggling I had to ask people what it could mean. I usually don’t do this, but I think there is a hidden meaning in my dream. Let me tell you about it and you tell me what you think.

So my dream begins where I am living in a tall building. It felt like someone dropped me in this room and I looked around to observe my surroundings. I see an open area in front of me and assume this little area is my living quarters. How nice it is to have my own balcony! As I climb a few steps into my balcony, I suddenly realize this balcony is small yet it has railings that are about 2 feet high. This is crazy, I think. Who has a balcony like this? Fearful of heights even in my dreams, I assume the position and instead of standing up to stand on the balcony, I slither on my back forward. Why I did this, is beyond me. It’s a dream. I am terrified as I look down. Then I see that I am the only one in the building who has a balcony. The rest of the building is stark and plain looking. Do I live in a penthouse? How did I get that lucky? Am I rich in this dream? By the looks of it, I am the only one who is living on top. I slither backwards and somehow climb down and look around.



(Photo credit: Dailymail)

Somehow I am told that this balcony is a “community” balcony and that I have to share it with the rest of the tenants. I just assumed it belonged to me. Oh well, I sighed. Then to the right of me I noticed stairs and then saw how high up I actually lived. So, I guess everyone has to walk up if they want to get a view. That’s a lot of stairs!

(Photo credit: Dailynorm)

With all this going on, I had this strange feeling that I was being separated from everyone else below me. But why? Was it to protect me? My door must be around me somewhere. I quickly turn around to think I walk to a door, but it was not meant to be. Instead, I am faced with the strangest set of stairs/ladder leading up to my door. What is this? The steps were embedded in the wall and there were no rails beside me. Hm. Interesting…way to enter my own door. I didn’t even bother to enter it; albeit I did try to climb a few steps and thought it was too steep and backed down.

I was then in a different setting overlooking a room/beach. I was waiting for my coworkers/classmates from 6th grade for a reunion. The table I was supposed to be sitting at had a few people sitting there and I was looking to see if anyone else was going to come. I was standing on a long cement platform where only certain people could be. I was one of them. Once again, I couldn’t be with those people. This was life in my dream. The separation of people, but I couldn’t tell why or what made me different from the people below me. This was getting me frustrated because I couldn’t be with the others. Then people started partying hard and acting weird. For once, I was happy I wasn’t down there in the chaos. Someone even tried to do a funky handstand by the edge of the cement platform while holding a dog and flipped over. When I saw that, I jumped up and couldn’t believe someone would do that. Much to my relief, the person hovered back up, smiled and walked away holding the dog. Must be nice to have superpowers in my dreams. Where were mine? Hmph! I sat on the edge of this cement platform and saw someone below me by a wall. I smiled and they looked up at me in a sad way. “Can I come down? Will they know?” I snuck down briefly to see what was going on, knowing full well I wasn’t suppose to. There was fear in this place I was not suppose to be down at. I quickly climbed back up to my own safety.

Next think I know, I am standing talking to a man on my left. I would say he was in his mid 50’s. He looked to be a farmer. He was telling me how chickens know when they are about to be picked to be eaten. He said, “Observe” and pointed to this dark feathered chicken in the tall grass.

(Photo credit: Google)

The chicken had almost human intelligence and even acted as such. This chicken was trying to sneak away from us in the tall grass. Moving ever so slowly with ninja moves, this chicken walked as if in slow motion away from us trying to blend in with the grass. The farmer and I laughed at the silliness and kept observing it. Then the farmer said, “After a few feet, the chicken will suddenly walk all normal as if it fooled us.” The chicken did exactly that and walked off clucking.

Then I woke up.

27 thoughts on “My dream last night. What does it mean??

  1. Wow! You sure are complex. (That’s a good thing) Some of the building part of the dream may have something to do with trying to sell your mother’s house and how people have acted. They probably do live in “their own little world” as they tour the house and converse with each other. In that case the balcony could represent “showing the house.” Not sure about that chicken…sounds like an acting gig to me…BTW, isn’t wasn’t an irish farmer was it? I’m not mid 50s yet (sure looking forward to senior discounts though)….is any of that possible/probable? Can I play a part in your next dream…if you are calling for auditions? I want to play the chicken. 🙂

  2. One word……HUH? LOL. Sorry. I got nothing to offer in the way of interpretation. I enjoy my dreams and even nightmares sometimes. So vivid and surreal. The weirder the better. But sadly they escape my memory soon after I wake. Pleasant dreams to you always.


    1. Haha, that’s awesome! LOL. You are right to say that. 😉 Wow. You enjoy your nightmares? I don’t! They scare the living daylights out of me. This dream kept fresh in my mind. I felt it was prophetic in some ways. Thank you. I hope I always have pleasant dreams. You too! Thanks for your comment John. 🙂

      1. LOL. I am kinda addicted to the adrenaline that fear provides. Why I tend to write on darker themes as well. Just how I am wired I guess. Here is to your dreams being prophetic in the good sense that they foretell success and happiness to come. Be well and keep inspiring

      2. Thank you! Well, they are prophetic in places I’ll be in the future. When I arrive there, I get the sensation that I had been there before, then I realize the place was in my dream a few months or years ago. The last time that happened was two Fridays ago. It’s the weirdest yet coolest thing. Prophetic in that my dreams have predicted some natural disasters. My son and I this past Saturday were driving and we saw this weird object falling from the sky. We both looked at each other. It was so weird. We knew it wasn’t a skydiver or a bird. However, the NEXT day, a skydiver did fall to his death because his parachute didn’t open. So, what did we see? We still are wondering.

      3. That’s Crazy. I too have the dream Deja Vu thing happening. Mostly random inconsequential stuff but it has been in my family for a long time. My Grandmother on my mom’s side dreamed of the Hindenberg disaster just a few days before it happened. That was a WOW moment when I was told that story because I was a young kid and had already had a few dreams that had taken place in real life. So I am still waiting for that big event dream. I just hope and pray it is not a disaster dream.

      4. Wow, that is so cool! The whole Deja vu thing is so crazy. Im glad you understand. Write me an email (contact on my blog page) if you dream about any future things.

        Isn’t that amazing how the mind can predict things like that? There is so much our minds can do that scientists haven’t been able to discover yet. The tsunami was something I dreamt about a week before it happened, but the location was in NJ instead. Tornados and plane crashes were common too. I’d see them in the news a day or two later even down to the color of the plane. I don’t have them as much anymore, to which I am glad. But the whole deja vu thing is wild. That feeling when you suddenly think to yourself,

        “Wait! I feel like I’ve been here before!”

      5. I know that feeling so well. So nice to meet a fellow dream traveler. Wish we could have the deja vu feeling under happier circumstances more often. I will be sure to email you if I do have that cool sensation of “HEY……WAIT A MINUTE…….THIS SEEMS WAY TOO FAMILIAR……….”

      6. Oooh. I like that. “Dream traveler”. Or seeing something in the news that you saw in your dream a few nights ago. One time I saw in my dream a yellow plane crash in an open field. The next day, a yellow plane crashed on an open field a few hours away from my house in NJ. Another time, I dreamt I saw a rollercoaster ride get stuck upside down. As soon as I woke up this was a story in the news. Crazy!!

      7. Your powers of perception in dreams seems to be extremely strong. Ever have any paranormal experiences as well? Do you believe in that? It seems to me that people who are that open and perceptive may also have certain other abilities as well. Just curious.

      8. A few. Mostly run of the mill. Strange places with unexplained footsteps, knocking, moving shadows etc. The best ones are when I have been visited by the spirits of my dearly departed parents in my dreams. They are always the most vivid and welcomed dreams I can have.

  3. garylee828

    Go to a website called DreamMoods dot com and look up key words of your dream like “balcony” and “stairs” and “chicken” and see if the interpretations offer you any perspective.

    1. Thanks! I did check them out. The chicken and stairs seemed to counteract each other. But I did like this one:

      To dream that you are upstairs of a building refers to your higher level of understanding. It symbolizes your rational thinking and objectivity. Alternatively, being upstairs means that you hold yourself in high regard.

      This is very true. I’m not sure about the chicken one because I was laughing AT the chicken. I hate gossip, but I do feel that people are talking about me IRL. The balcony one was pretty cool. Very interesting indeed. I was just at that site earlier, but I didn’t think of putting in those three words. I had put in other terms.

  4. I’m not good at dreams but it is interesting reading what others thought. I always say I don’t dream but people tell me I just don’t remember them. I use to have reoccurring nightmares which resulted in me being an insomniac because I was afraid to go to sleep. So maybe it is me protecting myself by not dreaming or remembering dreams.

    1. Oh no! Recurring nightmares! That’s not good. 😦 That’s scary! I would be scared to go back to sleep too. I hope you only have sweet and amazing dreams in the future. You deserve it. 🙂

    1. It sounded vaguely like the book “High Rise”. Personally, I think it’s foretelling of what direction society is heading towards, now that legalization of pot is legal in some States. The “dumbing” down of America, hence giving the powers that be more control of people. People are starting or feeling like they can’t think for themselves anymore. At the end of the day, our own intelligence will be the holy grail with making our own choices, giving ideas and spreading the truth. Did you hear my poem yet? 😉

      1. Poem is nice. I like how she lives on gracefully through the existence of humans. It’s like whoever reads it is a vessel. Like Shakespeare always used to say: “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” Wait, what? I don’t know how this applies here, but I think it makes me sophisticated, lol.

      2. Are you referring to my character reading as “she”? Tis I that read that poem my dear! Thou shall hath knoweth this oh ye swallowedinthesea-eth! Yeah. I like being a vessel in poetry reading. It is harder than it sounds…to read certain poems. I will read more poems in the future. I’d like to read a scary poem! Any suggestions? 😀

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