JavaGirl’s Life in the comics

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This happens a lot during the week. My keys somehow always find themselves elsewhere, making my morning life difficult…especially since I am always still waking up.

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This actually happened last Wednesday. My alarm didn’t go off and I woke up 2 hours late. I did lay in bed thinking how nice it was to finally sleep in during the weekend. Then fear filled my mind when I realized it was only the middle of the week!

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Busy, busy, busy!

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The storage I am renting was just big enough for everything I needed to store. I had to calculate how big of a storage I needed. Hopefully my cousin will come and pick up her stuff that she inherited alleviating the room to drop off more stuff. Most of it is furniture and my mom’s boxes.

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I’m looking forward to getting away. To refresh my soul.

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The potential buyers for my mom’s house decided yesterday that they didn’t want to buy the house anymore due to the living room being “too small” for family gatherings. Yes, I was very disappointed and still am.

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I am trying. I try to water them everyday. So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Not much.

15 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the comics

    1. Luckily, I didn’t need to see any clients, but my phone does that to me sometimes. I hate it; It will just shut off and I wake up late. 😦 The comics come from an app called Bitstrip. You can personalized the avatar to look like you and then you can just put yourself in different scenes or situations. It is mostly used on Facebook, but not me. I use it for WordPress.

  1. There should be some repercussions for those people backing out. Here in Canada they we have some really strict regulations about that. Some people think they are too strict but it Helps keeps people from being jerked around like that.
    Trying watering the plants once a week, or every other day. I am a plant murderer too but I found out I was just watering them too much. Some actually survive now.

    1. I know right? They’ve been interested in my mom’s house since December of 2013!!! They had plenty of time to look at the blueprint. Ugh. Made me so angry. Oh well. Everything happens for a purpose, but this is a chapter I want to move on from so I can go on with my life. :/

  2. jackdeth72

    Hi, Java Girl:

    To cure your “missing Keys” problem. Find a bowl. Shallow and large enough to multi-task with change in coins. Close the front door. Lock the front door. Put your keys in the bowl. Now they cannot escape!

    Weird dreams due to late night over caffeinization are not uncommon. But, “Sherlock” or “Sherlock Holmes” is worth it.

    Thrilled that your production of Phantom went over so well!

    Keep your house on the market.

    Watch and feel the leaves of your plants. Instead of finding moisture in the soil with your fingers. If the leaves are not pliable. Add some (a little) water.

    1. Hey Jackdeath! There isn’t room for a large bowel near my door. I do, however, have a key holder. Sometimes coming home I’m so exhausted from work I either fling it on the sofa where it wonders down somewhere between the cushions or it actually goes on the key holder. Other times, it grows legs and walk off and I have to find it the next morning.

      Yes! I did wear a strapless black dress, but I ran out of time to wear long sleeved gloves. It was a fantastic play and I’ve researched the real Opera house and the story behind Erik and Christine. It’s quite fascinating.

      Yes, the executers are already advertising it. I just want it to sell so I can move on with my life in that department. I also want to be able to have more control of my money. :/

      Sometimes I feel as though I need to five a good wash to the leaves. The ones I inherited are still alive, but the others were already near their death when I got them back in December. Such is life as a plant murderer….er….I mean, such is life.

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