The Phantom of the Opera: Theatre Review


Date of Play: April 12, 2014

Theater: Academy of Music, 420 South Broad Street Philadelphia

Entrance and greeters: The greeters are polite, informative and friendly. If you forget your tickets, you can have them reprinted at the counter instead of walking all the way back to your car. You can only do this if you already purchased tickets via the Kimmel Center and your seats are reserved.

Theater: This theater is rich in color and boasts in the colors of burgundy and gold. The temperature is not too cold nor too hot. The chandelier hanging above is the star of the room.

Seating: Balcony Box Seats 3 and 4, Section 31

View: Amazing view, although seats 3 and 4 you might have to turn your chair slightly to the right as to not strain your neck. Once the chairs are turned, the view is perfect and no neck strain.

Main Cast members: Cooper Grodin as the Phantom, Julia Udine as Christine and Ben Jacoby as Raoul.

Favorite Song(s): I had waited to hear “All I ask of You” all night and was not disappointed when it finally arrived. However, the songs “Music of the Night” and the “Theme” song were so captivating and powerful, I thought I was in the movie of the Phantom of the Opera from 2004. The cheering and clapping of the audience after it was performed showed that the singers did their job in taking us into a musical journey. It was pitch perfect and right on point.

Overall opinion: This play was a dream come true for me and one I can now cross off my bucket list. I had waited many years to see this play and I was so happy when it came to Philadelphia. I was overly impressed by the strong voices from the cast members, albeit this was their last show here in Philadelphia. Cooper Grodin was amazing as the Phantom and captured his every essence-he truly was spell binding and mesmerizing. Julia’s strong yet feminine voice carried out throughout the theater in a crisp manner. Ben’s role as Raoul was sweet, romantic and strong. The remaining cast members contributed nicely to the main cast members in the play. There were many funny moments in the play and the audience was part of it in several points of the night. I found the costumes beautiful and well made. The staircase that the Phantom and Christine walk down on was interesting and high tech. During the play, cast members appear in the audience for a scene in the play. Where we sat, we were literally 2 feet away from one of them and that was a fun experience. Overall, the entire songs sung were breathtaking and beautiful. I was impressed by the cast.

Orchestra: Under the direction of Richard Carsey.

Parking: We parked on Samson Street off of Broad Street. It is a 2 block walk to the theater.


9 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera: Theatre Review

    1. I was living “in the moment”. It will forever be in my heart how I felt. I didn’t want to leave the theater. Seriously. I have this love affair with theaters because I’ve been in them so many times and each time, I always enter it like it’s the first time. I look around and I’m mesmerized by the atmosphere and then by what I’m about to see (play or music). 😀 There will be MORE THEATER reviews coming soon!

  1. Wait a minute. Your eyes are green? They’re beautiful….for a minute there I was breathless. Glad you enjoyed the show…would have loved to have been there…the theatre- what can I say. I was born to be on stage.

    1. No. They are just green contacts. I like to switch things up once in a while. :p I was born to be in a theater. I honestly didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay. There is something magical and spellbinding about being in an old 150 year old theater. It’s like a wonderland to me. There is a blog where I write about my growing up going to plays with my mom down in Brazil. Anyways, so many acts have passed through and it just holds so much history. I plan to become a year member in May. It comes with a lot of benefits too. 😀 I’m a STRONG believer in giving to your local theater in helping the community with day camps or with low income children who want to see a play. I believe no matter where you come from or your economic situation, you deserve to be taken on a musical or theatrical journey for a few hours. That’s how I feel about theater in general besides being obsessed with plays. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Thank you!!!!! It was a dream and yet so surreal. I had dreamed about this for a long time. I had to remind myself that this was not a dream, but that I was actually “in the moment”. I’m a huge theater nut. It’s addicting actually. I plan to become a member of the Academy of Music. I love plays and it will fun to take my son along to see all the acts for the year. 🙂

    1. And….these are city block too. Much, much TOO FAR with a girl wearing heels. 😛 I actually passed a parking lot closer to the theater. 2 dollars more, but whatever. I’m willing to pay for it. 😛

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