JavaGirl’s Life in the comics.

*Just a quick message to my new subscribers*

Hello darlings,

A great big hug to you! Thanks for wanting to know what is happening in my life and subscribing. Usually I post a lot more than you see here, but I’ve been extremely busy getting things done (watch my last blog post of December 2013 and you’ll understand why). Believe me, I’ve got great things planned for this blog, so just hang in there for me just a bit longer. It would mean a lot to me. Trust me.




The snow keeps coming and coming. I love seeing all the tulips and green grass-rabbits running freely through the fields….butterflies decorating the sky and overall warm air. (Sarcasm). Oh well. Que sera, sera.



My reaction at the black dress I just bought for the show “Phantom of the Opera”. So in love with it.


Had my yearly physical with my doctor. I actually spent more time waiting to be seen (or even signing in the sheet) than I did seeing my doctor. Overall, I’m actually normal. In good health. Yay.


We continue to box up things at my mom’s house every weekend. I’ve missed sleeping in on Saturdays.


At the end of the day, I am so sore and my back hurts. 😦


Remind me not to go into Pier 1 Imports after working 5 hours straight packing and moving boxes. It’s so easy to fall asleep on their sofas. Pier 1 Imports is my wonderland. I get easily lost in the labyrinth of bright colors, mirrors and exotic looking candles.


The buyer of my mom’s house will be paying in cash!


Me, just trying to outdo Godzilla. Adventure Boy and I are waiting for this movie.


Senor Pizza always has to be so dramatic about everything. Especially on nights when I don’t feel like cooking.


I got a new camera! I got it for my vacation coming up in July where we will be seeing 4 countries. I also got it because it’s waterproof and I’ll be filming underwater as much as I can. It doesn’t hurt either if it starts raining and I don’t have to worry about my camera getting soaked. Although I must admit, this camera does need special attention just airing out after it’s been in salt water. It’s very detailed, but I can live with it. Slim, small, but packed with what all the other cameras can do too. It’s a powerhouse! I originally wanted a GoPro Hero, but remembered I had wanted this camera for a lot longer and the movie mode isn’t too shabby.


So, that’s basically what has been happening with me lately. Just busy and doing a lot of grown up things. Not necessarily fun, but they must be done. Thanks for reading. Talk soon!


Amanda xoxo

12 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the comics.

  1. Jungle Girl. you rock! Awesome comics…but you are much better looking in real life photos

    Glad to hear the house is selling…but sorry you have “packer’s back” (try not saying that too fast). Personally, I regressed to packing smaller plastic containers- WalMart $5 ones- for my last move. Other helps- duffle bags, stuff sacks, and laundry bags are great car-stuffers. Just think though, after all that, it might just be warm enough to go to the beach again (you lucky duck)

    1. Haha. You love calling me jungle girl. Good thing we are friends because I wouldn’t let many other people get away with saying that. Thanks for the real life photo compliment. Yes, there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m mentally exhausted. My emotions are on “auto pilot”. :/ I think by May everything should be done. Then I can think about getting a car. Then maybe a house…or at least start house hunting.

    1. Thank you! That’s sweet. 🙂 Wow, any great and exotic trips of late? I’ve been so behind on my blogs. 😦 I’ll swing by your blogs again soon. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

      1. AB laughed when I told him what you said. I love that. Funtries. Exactly! Yes, she smiled a lot and was so friendly. We had gotten pizza by my mom’s house Saturday on our way down to pack up more stuff at her house. We both looked at each other and knew exactly what each was thinking when we were greeted by her (hehe). I gave her a tip, just because she looked like a walking dead character. LOL

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