The Phantom of the Opera is beckoning me.


Guess who is excited beyond words for April to come? I can hardly contain my excitement! I have been meaning to see this play for several years now and finally my dream is coming true! Growing up being in school plays and even being Assistant Director for one play in High School, I am in my element when it comes to theater. I was fortunate enough to have a cool mother who took me to numerous plays growing up. One year, my two friends and I went a year just seeing as many plays in Philadelphia as we could. Seeing the costumes, seeing the lights, hearing the music and songs in a professional setting is a setting I feel extremely comfortable in. I can relate from both ends in that I know what it’s like to be on stage, but also from an audience’s point of view. I love walking around and seeing the marble stairs, looking up at the ceiling molding, touch of the cool golden bars by the seats, the sensation of the carpet under my feet walking down to my seat, the velvet cushion seats…the crystal lights gleaming above me, the orchestra tuning their instruments below the stage, the sudden hush in the theater as the lights dim. I love it all!

The play will be shown at the Academy of Music theater here in Philadelphia. The theater is 150 years old. From what I’ve read of it, the beautiful chandelier hanging in the theater was recently renovated and it was sent to France to be cleaned back in 2008.

Here is the play I’ll be seeing next month. We have box seats, so the view is going to be simply glorious. The cast is touring the United States and by the trailer, it looks amazing!


Video credit: Phantom of the Opera

28 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera is beckoning me.

  1. simply brilliant. Liked it… i am now following your blog for more than 2 months. most of your posts are simple fantastic. Check out mine..… pls share your feedback

    1. Aw. Thank you SachinManan! That is truly sweet of you to say that! You made my day. 🙂 I’ll head over to your page asap. I need to head to bed now. I’ll see you over at your post. Thanks for your comment!

      1. Haha. I’ve actually snuck in a hoagie and soda to a movie theater. I’d have to get a big purse (handbag) for the popcorn and drinks. LOL! 😛

      2. Wow. You’re pretty good at tempting me. That is a tough feat for most mortals, to get me to do something. LOL. We’ll be sitting in box seats, so if I snuck in a hoagie, it would smell too delicious and everyone would suddenly turn and look at me (including the stage actors). *Must think of a less delicious smelling food*.

    1. Hm. I thought you would be bitter about it! I guess your excitement is rubbing off from all my happy glitter dust I spread all over you page when I come to visit. Which reminds me, I need to head over there and sprinkle more! Ha! 😛

      1. LOL. I saw the picture on twitter before seeing this comment. You are slacking dude in your super sonic WP comment speed. Hehe. I must head over to your blog and harass you over there. Be prepared. I’ve got tons of sprinkles to drop over there. Muahaha.

  2. Amanda, during the 90’s (when The Phantom was playing in Sydney), my gorgeous daughter gave me tickets for my birthday – the show was still a few months off. I kept telling everyone I was scared I would forget the date and miss the show…. You guessed it, I did… The following morning she (daughter) rang and asked how we’d enjoyed it… I burst into tears… 😦

    I still haven’t seen it, though I’ve seen the movie and appreciate the tale.. Not the same though as a stage play – nothing like the atmosphere and music; the anticipation of the audience, the curtain opening – arrrr… Enjoy..! 😉

    1. Oh no, this is TRAGIC!!!!! I’ve seen the movie a few times, but this will be my first time seeing it live! I’m soooooo excited!! I hope you get another chance to watch it! I’ll be blogging about it for sure when I watch it. Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. jackdeth72

    Hi, Java Girl:

    Cool mask!

    Andrew Lloyd Webber never seems to fade away.

    Live theater. Especially live musical theater is always a treat!

    Caught ‘Jesus Christ: Superstar’ ages ago at the Kennedy Center. And despite the plush seats, hype and ambiance. The acoustics were nothing to write home about.

    Ford’s theater is much more intimate and enclosed. Superb atmosphere for two of James Whitmore’s one man shows, ‘Will Rogers’ America’ and ‘Give ’em Hell, Harry’.

    Don’t forget your ornate opera glasses and gloves and have a ball!

    1. I’m going to be in a dreamy state of mind. I know I’ll probably tear up when my favorite song “All I ask of you” is sung. To hear it LIVE! I won’t want the night to end. I live and breathe music. I truly feel it in my soul. Most people “hear” music. I “hear” and “feel” it. Not with every music, but songs like this production. I can’t wait to write about it! 😀

  4. Excellent. It’s probably a good thing we’re not married or we would be at the theatre all the time. AB would have to have acting classes whether he liked it or not (“no, no…don’t go to the xbox, go to the lip of the stage”)…and “Daddy” would have to spend long hours coaching those volatile actors what they really needed to do to bring out the character….but, of course, you would always be the leading lady… lol

    1. LOL! Whoever I marry will have to love theater or else I will refuse any proposal. AB practices voice over when we drive around by imitating real voice over artists on the radio. It’s quite funny!

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