JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 9


Hello my name is Amanda and welcome to my “weekly” life in comics. Yes, you saw right. I got my hair back to its brown color once again. Sorry, for my absence, but not much has happened enough to put comics up on here. But I thought it was time since I’m bored!


The snow just won’t let up! How is everyone else out there? I’m hoping it will dump much more snow Sunday night so we get another “inclement” day off from work. Lol.


Adventure Boy has been playing pranks on me lately and it’s been fun! You can also see he got his haircut too. He got a “faux hawk” cut which he can wear spiked up or as a flip (my favorite). When he’s feeling adventureous, he adds blue hair chalk to the front and it looks cool. His grandmom used to think it was rad because she was rad and seeing her grandson with blue hair didn’t phase her. So, no more calling Adventure Boy John Oliver anymore, woo! Yeah, you know who you are, hehe! 😉


Haha. Well. I tried…


Guess which film I’m rooting for? A movie I have yet to see! Perhaps tomorrow will be my lucky day?!


So my neighbor upstairs has a new boyfriend…with 2 dogs. He’s too lazy to walk them downstairs like a normal human being to let them do their business, so he lets them have their way on her patio. Their “way” then drips down to MY patio and has splashed into my back glass door! This has infuriated me so much I wrote a complaint letter to the office because it’s making my patio smell! Who does this?


Urrgggggghhhh! I can’t wait to have my own place without any upstairs neighbors!!!


Thankfully on days like these, I have friends who calm me down and show their love to me. It’s not been easy these past few months, but I sure do love the support and ways my friends make me laugh and gently guide me along. I’ve recently reconnected with a childhood friend of mine from Brazil and it’s been great! She’s amazing and we’re still catching up on things. She also lost her mom several years ago and is helping me deal with my loss. It’s always nice to pick up from where you left off with someone. I’m able to do that with many of my friends. When people leave your life and then return, there is always a reason and I clearly see why she entered my life again. I’m planning on sending her a big gift for her birthday in a few weeks! I love sending my friends gifts! I told her her daughters will like it as well.


When I’m not working or getting irritated by my upstairs neighbors, I do some super hero stuff. I’m all about being clean! Really. I am. I can’t stand the smell of sweat. I don’t care how hot you are, if you smell of sweat, it’s a huge turnoff. The smell of soap and cleanliness is super sexy to me. This is my office, by the way. I’m a nontraditionalist.


My cool ride. Eat your heart out Batman!


The rubber duck! This is a serious mission I have to do!


Good grief! I hate chasing sweaty men! This one is a total joke!


There is a game on my phone that I get so caught up with. It keeps me up later than I want. It’s called “Jewels Saga”. Basically, it’s like Candy Crush. At least it’s not Flappy Bird. Ugh. What losers play that game? Lol.


Later my loves! Oh. A big welcome to my latest subscribers!


10 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 9

    1. Awww. Why do you want someone to kiss your phone goodnight? Why not YOU? Or do you mean someone to kiss INTO your phone goodnight. Nevertheless, you deserve that! YES! Bathwoman rocks! She is so squeaky clean! (And smells nice). With Irish Spring soap. Don’t buy Dove. They totally made a mean joke banner about NJ.

      1. yes, i would prefer a kiss myself, of course…haven’t had one in years. literally.

        I thought about Bathman, a caped figure with no pants running around the house picking up dirty laundry, but the image just didn’t work, so I am glad you came up with Bathwoman. 🙂

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