Modeling my tribal necklaces.


I took these pictures tonight. Yes, that’s a jaguar tooth. I feel like a boss wearing it. Or is it just my baby tooth? I’m not sure where the smaller teeth come from. Not mine. :p


This second necklace is so busted up, but nevertheless, I still wanted to show it off. It’s broken, but it looks cool. Red and black beading is popular with my tribal colors, especially for warriors.


The last necklace is so pretty! The Indians really take their time in making these.

I brought out these necklaces after I watched a documentary earlier tonight. If you don’t already know, they are trying to wipe out a large amount of land in Northern Brazil by building a dam (Belo Monte) that would supposedly bring a lot of electricity. Electricity that would only benefit a small portion of Sao Paolo. It’s the dumbest idea ever and many Indians and river people will be displaced. This has been going on for about 20 years with the Indians protesting and lawsuits galore. This makes me sad as there are so many exotic plants, flower, species and people who love their land and live off it who will lose it just for the greedy corporation to exploit their land. My land too. I personally think there is a more sinister reason for them wanting to flood the area. There is gold hidden in the land and they want their grubby hands on it.

This documentary focuses on the simple life and lives of the river people who live along the Amazon river. The film is in Portuguese (and translated by a Brazilian, hence the grammatical error you’ll see once in a while) and has some nice cinematography. The accents of the river people was interesting for me to hear, but I had to sometimes read the English translation because they had a heavy accent. They had a dialect that is simple and one that doesn’t always finish in a complete sentence or even a word. They are simple people. They are loving and hardworking people. I really felt sad for the families, especially the single mother with her 6 year old son-her story was heartbreaking in how much she has to struggle. The whole thing is such a mess. I am keeping up with the latest news about the building of the dam. I hope you guys do too.

I hold on to my tribal necklaces. They are things that keep me connected to my roots even though I am several thousand miles away from my birth place deep down in the jungles of Brazil. I touch them and I feel Brazil.

If you have an hour, check out this documentary. You can skip to the 6:15 part of the documentary, that’s where it gets interesting.

Video credit: Gustavo Antonio Ceratti Silva

4 thoughts on “Modeling my tribal necklaces.

    1. Oh please do! It’s a very interesting documentary. I love the jaguar tooth necklace! Somewhere, there is a toothless jaguar running around the Amazon jungle! 😛

    1. Why thank you Philip darlin’! 😛 I do sorta have a spear. I have a headdress actually. It’s in a box…in somewhat of a fragile state. It’s over 20 years old. My mom had kept it for that long because one of the Indians gave it to her. Um. For the female Indians, they usually didn’t wear anything! Gasp! HAHA. But now they do. They wear dresses, especially when National Geographic comes around or some tv program come to film them dancing. Actually, NOW the indian women are more covered up than the women who dance in carnival. Lol. Anyways…. 😛

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