JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 6


Hi, my name is Amanda and welcome to my weekly life in comics. Rumor has it that some kind of reddish or pinkish celebratory day is coming up. I don’t know. Hearts may be involved….. couples go out to dinner, gifts are exchanged. I can’t put my finger on it. What is the name of that day this Friday?!


So the Winter Olympics started earlier this past week, but the opening ceremonies were Friday night. Did everyone see me run with the torch? Oh, you didn’t?! I was looking forward to seeing the five four Olympic rings shine.


Did everyone hear about the water over there in Sochi? Yikes. That is a bit concerning, not only for health reasons but for public relations. A great advice I got from a former coworker was that in the morning, always let the water run for 10 seconds before getting a drink or brushing your teeth. The reason? Particles from the pipes accumulate in the pipes during the night, so if you allow the water to flow for 10 seconds, there is a very good chance, all those particles will come out and not into your cup or toothbrush. That was your public service announcement for the hour!


Kids these days… Note to self: Close mouth next time.


What would have happened if Adventure Boy and I attempted bobsledding in Sochi if we actually went there.


Possibly the craziest sport anyone would attempt. Good thing it doesn’t actually exist.


It’s true! Always was a huge fan of his. This year though, he will only be contributing on the side instead of participating in the speed skating event. Nevetheless, we are graced by his presence on tv when the speed skating will happen. I can’t wait! My celebrity crush remains with the amazing Tom Hiddleston.


I love speed!


Figure skating was fun to watch! I always cringe when I see the male skaters throw their partners 4 stories high! I hold my breath until the girls return safely in their arms. In this case, Adventure Boy could not hold on to me. I went flying into the judges. My imagination runs wild as usual.

See you next week! xoxo

P.S. Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone!

23 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 6

    1. The other day AB said, “Mommy, *everyday* is Valentine’s Day with YOU! I give you kissies, hugs and cuddles!” He said this as we walked past chocolates, red balloons and etc at Rite Aid. Love that boy!!

      1. Oh believe me. I am his walking time capsule! I always tell him about his baby days and all the crazy things he did as a toddler. He loves hearing it (but not in front of his friends, of course). But I know what you mean! 😀

  1. Hi, Java:

    First Rule(s) of Travel Outside the US (Or to certain parts of Pennsylvania):

    Don’t drink the water!
    Don’t put ice in drinks!
    When brushing teeth. Rinse and spit with mouthwash and tough it out, Cowboy. Or girl!

    When will Speed Ice Twerking become an Olympic event?
    Cardboard refrigerator boxes make excellent Field Expedient Luges or Bobsleds!

    I think that day you are pondering is either Freddie Kreuger’s or Jason Vorhees’ birthday.
    Hope you get lots of cards and presents, either way!

    1. HAHA!! You know what, my dear Watson? I think you may be on to something. I do indeed think it may…perhaps BE Freddie Kreuger’s birthday I’m thinking about! Hmm!!

      I love how you include all third world countries and the State of Pennsylvania for dirty water! Ew. Did you just say “twerking” in my presence? I haaate that word just as much as “selfie”. Haha. I can not help but laugh at a twerking speed skater. My oh my! Ants in your pants is what it would look like!

      By the way. Thank you SO much for telling me about Sherlock. I watched 30 minutes of it and I already am hooked and love it. I say 30 minutes of the first episode of Season 1 because my other favorite show The Walking Dead came on. Tonight I will watch the rest of Sherlock. I can see A LOT of myself in Sherlock. I think we are VERY similar in reading people, very serious yet extremely goofy at times. I have never watched anything with Benedict, except for hearing his voice for Smaug. Being that Smaug is the first place I heard him in, I can’t help but think of Smaug-the-detective as Sherlock speaks. Hehe. I’m sure I’ll get over it, but it’s a fun show! This show will quickly become one of my all time favorite shows. I owe it all to you Jack!!

    1. LOL!!! I had no idea who you were talking about so I had to look him up. Haha. My 12 yr old son is not John Oliver. 😀 You can see what my son looks like in past photos from last years blog. He pops up now and then in my photos. He’ll be getting contacts in a month, so those glasses will be gone in future cartoons!!! Thanks for your comment, that was awesome!

      1. Hahaha! My son made a bitstrip picture just for YOU. It’s pretty funny. We both got our hair done and my son’s bitstrip avatar no longer looks like John Oliver. He has that faux hawk haircut now. LOLZ. I just died my hair lighter. Thanks for visiting! Comments like yours is what keeps me going. I’ll be posting up soon. 🙂

  2. I have been start to watching ‘Sherlock’ I like it! I use to read the book as a boy. The movies are good too! I wish you a nice Valentine’s Day with presents and cards. Have a great week!

  3. Glad to hear you are having a more upbeat time of late. Personally, I have trouble watching the figure skating- most of the figures don’t interest me. I prefer manly sports like trying to tear through a restroom wall, and the sport commonly known as “hitting…” I mean “hockey.” Like hockey, I like throwing my gloves on the ice…but at my age, it is more difficult for me to reach for them, even if someone isn’t trying to pulverize me with a hockey stick..

    1. The men had a tough night tonight! One Russian skater had to be taken off due to his spine injury then an American skater fell on his hip, but he got up like a trooper and continued on. Many sports like tearing through a restroom? Haha! I saw that one too! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!!!

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