Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition


Juxtaposition is a difficult word to understand when you initially look at it, but it does have a simple meaning. It just means a comparison in a photograph. For this week, I wanted to share a picture I took with my manual Minolta (back in the day when it worked). This is Adventure Boy’s little dimpled hand when he was a toddler being lovingly held by his grandmother. The comparison is a simple one of a young life just starting off as it is being guided by a much older hand of experience. My mom loved this picture and kept it in her bedroom.

**Blogger’s Note: Huge thanks to Drew at Drew’s Movie Reviews who was incredibly kind to show me a site that helps convert files into any file format you want. I had to convert this pdf photo into a gif file format. You can find it here if you ever need any help with file or format converting. It’s fast and easy!


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

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      2. “Or for an extra $10 dollars, you can have Ben personally deliver the bottles to your door!” (evil laugh) Oh wait. Did I just laugh? At your expense? Hehe……

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