JavaGirl’s life in the comics: Week 4


Hi, my name is Amanda and welcome to my weekly life in comics. This is truly how I feel about lima beans and asparagus.


So, as most of you know by now, the East Coast and the surrounding areas have been slammed with a bunch of cold white stuff which shall remain nameless. Just kidding. Monday was a holiday which was nice to be totally lazy sleep in.


Tueday, word on the street (phone) was that Adventure Boy had half a day of school and my supervisor told us to all go home by 12 pm. So it all worked out and we were both very happy.


We got to have fun in the snow! All 16 inches of it!


The next day (Wednesdsay) due to our Governor stating we were under a State of Emergency (all the schools were closed and most of businesses were too), we were hunkered down for the next 24 hours. Which was fine with me. I kept myself busy as not to get too much of cabin fever. I did for a wee bit, but quickly found something to do.


I read somewhere that the Jamaican Bobsled team had qualified to go to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics (starting February 2nd I believe) and they were in need of much needed money to be able to afford going there. At the time of their fundraising efforts, they only had accumulated $10,000 dollars. I made a donation because I wanted to see them go there! Who doesn’t want to see a team that comes from a hot and tropical island bobsled their way to gold? I do! Plus, it’s been a while since the original Cool Runnings atheletes have been to the Olympics. Anyways, so they had a week and I knew without a doubt that they would make the money. And guess what? They did. Within 24 hours, not only did they reach their goal of 80,000 dollars, but they surpassed it to getting $129,000 dollars! They had to eventually close their fundraising because it was getting ridiculous. They had more than enough and they were going to use it to buy jackets and anything related to the team. I’m so excited! I was so excited I ran and told Adventure Boy. We watched “Cool Runnings” and enjoyed the movie. Not many people know this, but I love listening to reggae. After our trip to the Bahamas 2 years ago, we felt nostalgic of our trip. We sure do miss the accents and music. Hopefully, Bermuda is next on our trip.


I’m a huge fan of the show “Undercover Boss” here in the USA. I’m still watching all the episodes, but decided recently this week that I wanted to watch “Undercover Boss: Australia”. I’ve learned so much from watching the show that I would have never seen or heard about from a typical tourist video. I’m learning about new stores and how the companies work down there. I’m on Season 2 Episode 2. The last episode with a guy named Tony (I think) who is the CEO of a train company in Australia made me cry! All the episodes make me tear up, but this one had me reaching for the tissue box. It was so touching. I’ve been impressed with all the shows. This one I particularly liked because the CEO did exactly what I would have done with my company (if I ran one). He made ALL his directors/managers go on different shifts to experience what he experienced. I don’t remember any other CEO doing that in the USA episodes. If they did, I don’t remember. Anyways, that’s what I’ve been watching lately on Netflix. I love it! I’m learning a lot about Australia. Speaking of Australia, I was at my local store and walking around when I suddenly heard 3 guys talking to each other. I heard the accent. I moved ever so closely, but gingerly of a tigress as not to be too suspicious. It was 3 Australian guys working at my local food store! They were joking around and laughing. I so badly wanted to approach them and tell them about how I love Australia and how I am watching Undercover Boss: Australia blah, blah, blah. But I didn’t. They would think I was some crazy girl. They just looked at me and smiled. Suddenly being shy I acted like I wanted to buy something on the other side of the aisle. I might have given them a quick smile. I love their accents. Drives me crazy. Anyways!


Any bugs, ants or insect that enters my home is doomed. I can’t stand any sight of bugs in my home. Drives me nuts. Therefore, my home is very clean and you don’t ever see those things called insects around my place. However, recently there has been this annoying little bugger mosquito that refuses to DIE no matter how much I chase it around the house. Ugh! Amazing how a tiny little annoying thing can drive me up the wall.


My first full day back at work on Thursday was ok, but the roads were a different story. Some roads were not shoveled or taken care of and my car was slippin’ and slidin’ everywhere. It took me twice as long to get anywhere. While driving one day, I came across a car that said “Geese Chasers”. Since my last comic life blog, you know how I feel about geese. Oddly enough, this car was coming from the direction from that ill fated event that I wrote about from last week regarding that goose. I later googled this site to find out what it was all about.


Remember those days when you would find toys in your cereal box? Yeah. Whatever happened to that? As a child and surviving those years of waiting to see what awesome toy was hidden in my cereal box, why in the year 2014 you can’t find that anymore? I remember sending for those glass Star Wars cups. I’m sure people are selling them on Ebay for a pretty penny. I’d buy one. Just for the mere sake of waking up on a Saturday and drinking orange juice from them. Takes me back to those lazy Saturday morning kid days. Bliss.

So that was my week. A lot of snow. Holiday. Half of a work day, a full day of no work and two full days of work. It’s been a crazy month for sure. This coming week should be interesting. Actually, the entire month of February should be interesting. You’ll see.

Later loves! xoxo

24 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s life in the comics: Week 4

    1. Lol, I don’t know. Life is just unfair sometimes. Lol. But you guys have the best coffee (other than Brazil, of course) over where you are at! I love coffee from Washington. Is it the Twin Sisters place? Something like that. Amazzzzzinnnnnng coffee I have tasted in the USA. Yum!! I’ve been to Washington and it’s a fun and clean place.

      1. I actually love rain. It poured like crazy EVERY DAY in Brazil. We’d get about 12 inches of rain every day and then it would all disappear within hours. And that was not even the rainy season, haha! I’m sure I could handle Seattle. I even considered moving there, but found out there weren’t too many job opportunities out there in my field. Basketball team in Jersey? I dunno. I don’t watch basketball. Oh yeh. We do. They are called the Nets are something. Mostly North Jersey and NYC peeps root for them. Since I live in South Jersey, we peeps root for the Philly teams. LOL. 😛

      2. I read this comment over my phone at work and started laughing out loud! I had forgotten what were talking about so I wondered, “Why is Ben talking about a dog barking only 7 times in an hour? He’s gone bananas!!” Then I had to come home and realize it was pertaining to something else! 7 barks an hour? Really? I can get more bark than that in the jungles of Brazil!!!!!

      3. It was much funnier when you realized the context. Next time make sure the context is right or you will just laugh at me like I’m bananas. I’m sure there is much more bark in Brazil. But they don’t have the same kinda trees.

      4. Very true. The bark is indeed very different in Brazil. It doesn’t fall off as easily because it rains so much down there everyday (especially the jungle).

  1. This is day 12 of me being housebound. Yesterday I bundled up and stood in the driveway for 20 minutes just to get fresh air.
    I think they stopped the prizes in cereals because they kept getting sued for choking hazards.

    1. Why, thank you my lovely friend! I’m glad you enjoy them. I do not illustrate them, however. They are from a cartoon site called “Bitstrip”. You have to have a Facebook account to make one. It’s made to share on Facebook, but I prefer sharing them on my WordPress instead. You can personalize your own avatar to make it look like you! My drawing skills for people are horrific. I am not a drawer, but I am an oil painter. 😀

  2. I watch Undercover Boss on occasions since I like business. Fun, but the employees opening up during their lunch-breaks [ they’re told that the undercover boss is in a reality show to start his/her own business ] and then the boss giving them new cars, houses [ happened just last week’s episode ], money.. it just doesn’t fit right with me. A humble thing to do, but the more I think about it it seems to be a publicity stunt or strategy to make the company, and show, really stand out.

    1. Yeah, you kinda wonder if the director eggs these people on to tell their sob stories. It’s almost like they know and it’s like telling Santa what you want for Christmas because you know you’ll get it by the end of the show. I felt like that was the case on some instances, but there are a few that I actually believed had no clue. Nevertheless, entertaining and it keeps my mind busy these days.

      1. Lol! If you EVER or DARE unfollow me on WordPress I will make it my life mission to hunt you down and force your fingers to press that “follow” button again! 🙂 (evil laugh) Who would I talk to about TWD? Come on! We are zombie enthusiasts among other things we have in common with! 😀 One more thing. Don’t ever run over a goose in my presence! Lol! 😛

      1. Thanks for your support for my blogs and always bringing cheer to my comment section. You’ll never realize how much that means to me. Thank you. 😀

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