Bridge to the sky

Credit: National Geographic

This bridge is found in the Ukraine. If you know more about this bridge, please enlighten me, I will be forever grateful. I wonder what is at the very top. I’m terrified of heights, but I might attempt to cross it. Is there a GoPro video of this somewhere? As I look at this, I’m thinking the LOTR trilogy should have had at least one or 5 scenes using this bridge. Imagine Gandalf at the very top and the hobbits are running across it? Epic.

23 thoughts on “Bridge to the sky

            1. I guess on my “off days” of being the super hero, I miss those opportunities to rescue you. Don’t they have super heroes over there in Seattle? LOL I’m the only one over here in New Jersey. 😛


    1. That makes sense. I was looking at the wires or whatever they are and thinking that it seemed mighty tiny for someone to walk across, but I thought maybe it was just the angle the picture was taken. Yeah, the cable cars would ruin the picture. Thanks for the information!


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